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User-Friendly System

The Honeycomb Archive DAM system is very user-friendly and uses a straight forward browsing and search structure that web users intuitively expect.  Many digital asset management systems follow a “Microsoft Windows” type of navigation, use special icons that users need to learn or special software and plug-ins that are required.  The user experience in Honeycomb Archive is simply a clean interface that works with all standard Macintosh & Windows web browsers.

Once users browse, search and select the media they need, there are several user-friendly delivery options.  Users can immediately download their selections or they can email a link to the intended final recipient of the files.  For instance if a marketing manager is collecting images to send to a magazine or key vendor, Honeycomb Archive can instantly email a download link that will allow that person to view the media selections on the web and download the files themselves.  This elevates the marketing manager from downloading the large files themselves and re-sending them by email or CD.

Honeycomb Archive also includes user-friendly features for the administrative users that load and maintain the system.  The administrative tools also work within a standard Mac or PC web browser.  Client systems are setup and pre-configured by Quick Square so that no special knowledge or IT skills are needed.  A dedicated specialist assists clients in establishing the overall organization and initial data loading and then personally trains the administrative users.  The administrator training typically takes about 45 minutes and requires only familiarity with a web browser.  Follow up questions and help are resolved quickly with a direct call to your dedicated specialist.

The administrative features of Honeycomb Archive include user-friendly tools for batch loading new media.  The batch loading process provides a simple interface to apply keywords, organize the images, automatically build thumbnails and previews from your high resolution images and PDF files and activate them on the site.  Honeycomb Archive can even retrieve existing data that is embedded in your images such as keywords, captions and photographer information.

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