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In general, Quick Square recommends that our customers designate a digital asset manager to oversee the hierarchical structure, file loading, file tagging and other functions that are principle to managing a robust digital asset system.  In some instances though the digital asset manager can be overwhelmed from images submitted to them from various points in the organization.

A good example of this is a Honeycomb Archive customer in the consumer products industry that uses their system to maintain a library of retail store displays.  This customer has thousands of field personnel that setup product merchandising displays in retail stores and then captures photos of these unique merchandising opportunities to share with their manager and colleagues.  These field sales staff would email their photos and descriptions to the digital asset manager who would then need to save the images and related information from the emails and organize into their digital asset management system.

To streamline this process, Quick Square developed the capability to allow the field personnel to upload photos and associated captions, descriptions and keywords right into the system and flag these files as “pending”.  The pending files remain inaccessible in the system until an administrator reviews the files and activates them.  The pending review area allows the digital asset manager to quickly see who loaded the file, review and edit the information and either delete or activate the file.

This process of distributing the contribution of content has streamlined the process for both the sales personnel and the DAM manager.  The ultimate benefit is that there are more example merchandising displays for the field personnel to review and share.

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