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Unlimited User Option for Digital Asset Management

While many Honeycomb Archive customers tightly control access to their internal users, some companies have multitudes of retailers, distributors and sales personnel that require access to thousands or even terabytes of brand approved imagery for their printed ads, websites and presentations.  Most digital asset management systems are “user based” and require the owner to purchase a user license for each user.  Although Honeycomb Archive also works in this model we also offer an unlimited user option that is usually more affordable for companies that will have over 100 users to their system.  With the unlimited user option, customers can easily share their files and assign digital asset management rights to the proper users.  There are three different common techniques that Honeycomb Archive can use to streamline the setup of access for massive amounts of users.

Public Viewing without Login

The first option used by some of our customers is to simply allow any website visitor to have access to browse, search and download files.  With this option Honeycomb Archive can be configured to allow access without any user login.  If the photos in the system are intended to be publicly available then this is the easiest way to provide them.

Single Sign-On

The second technique that can be configured for Honeycomb Archive is to allow a single sign-on process.  With single sign-on, Honeycomb Archive can authenticate users sent from your corporate intranet, or vendor portal and immediately grant them the appropriate level of access to the system.

Self Registration

The third technique which is appropriate for some customer systems is to allow users to self register to have access to the site.  With self registration a user can request access to the system and configure their own login credentials.  Honeycomb Archive then can be configured to allow those registrants to have immediate access OR those registrations can be reviewed by an administrator which can grant or deny those requests.

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