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Single Sign-On

In instances where a Honeycomb Archive customer has thousands of employee or vendor users of their digital asset management system, it is not practical to maintain users directly in the system.  Instead there is great efficiency by relying on other systems the corporation may already have for system authentication and tap into those to authenticate the level of user access for your DAM.  Since Honeycomb Archive Corporate is a stand-alone web application, there are no limits on how we are able to work with your IT department to achieve a single sign-on process.

For example, a large manufacturing company that uses Honeycomb Archive already had a vendor website portal.  We were able to easily make their Honeycomb Archive system function as part of this portal by developing a process to authenticate those users sent from the vendor portal and automatically log them into the system.  With the complete branding option available for Honeycomb Archive their digital asset management area also maintained the same look and feel of the vendor portal.

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