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Download Digital Assets Immediately or Download a Cart of Files

Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management allows users to download both the high resolution or source file as well as a PowerPoint / web-optimized low resolution jpeg image.  These formats can be downloaded as they see them in the DAM system or they can be added to a cart where they can be downloaded as a single zipped file.


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Digital Asset Email Cart

A great feature of the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system is the ability to send a cart of digital images to another user of the system OR an external person such as a vendor or the media.  The email cart feature allows you to enter your email, your name and comments and the system sends out an email link to your recipient.  The recipient clicks on the DAM link and has the ability to download ONLY the files that you have selected for them, no login is necessary.  This process alleviates the need for you to burn images to a CD or send via FTP or email.

Fulfill Rights Managed Digital Images

Honeycomb Archive Corporate version provides for files to be restricted so that certain users must request permission to download a file.  As the user browses the digital asset management system, these restricted files appear with a "restricted use" watermark.  The user is allowed to add these files to an image cart and then individually identify for each image how they intend to use the file.  These requests are then submitted to an approver who can quickly review, accept or deny each file request thru a feature in the DAM system.  A notice is then emailed to the requesting person letting them know which file they can use and that they can login to the system and download approved files.

Digital Asset Management Login Controls & Access

The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system can be configured with or without a login requirement or use a custom login method using LDAP or single sign on.  Login controls combined with varying levels of user access and rights management features allow for dozens of login control possibilities.

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