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Provide Assets On-Demand

Organizational Challenge: Provide Assets On-Demand

Organizations are challenged to provide appropriately formatted digital materials to their retailers and sales force.  Ideally this process provides digital materials that are optimized and ready for their immediate use.  Providing digital materials “on-demand” requires not only a web-based solution but also supplying pre-built file formats.  Pre-building files that are optimized for your business partners, marketing teams, retailers and sales force generates enormous efficiencies since this work can be performed once upfront instead of performed later by each individual end user.

In most organizations images are typically stored at the size and format used for the most recent project.  This may include a low resolution and a high resolution version of each image however, all images are not usually stored in multiple formats that are optimized for each publishing application.  So if digital assets are only available as JPEG files with white backgrounds, and your company has 100 sales people that each try and remove the background for use in PowerPoint, the true cost of this image formatting is extensive, especially when it takes time away from sales.  Additionally, many companies do not store images in a way that is cross platform compatible; for example a graphics department may save imagery as EPS files that can’t easily be used by users that do not have Adobe Photoshop.

Consider these questions when you examine how you supply content:

  • How many business users of your imagery do you have?
  • How much time do they collectively spend annually formatting images to suit their presentations? (change size, remove backgrounds, email exchanges to get current images, build similar content into their own PowerPoint presentations)

Honeycomb Archive resolves this challenge.  New images are formatted, loaded and tested within a few days of their creation.  Content is pre-configured into groupings so that formats are ready on-demand for each publishing application including printed advertising and PowerPoint presentations.  Since every image adheres to cross platform standards, they work equally well in both Macintosh and Windows environments without the requirement of expensive graphics software.

Why Industry Leaders Choose Honeycomb Archive

When it comes to understanding your content needs and evaluating digital asset management processes that can resolve key organizational challenges, it is often difficult to know where to start.  Discerning software capabilities and translating those features into genuine improvements for your company are not simple tasks.  This process can become even more complicated since the benefits are not achieved until the full process is rolled out.

Our advice:

  • Spend as little as possible:  Some solutions require an enormous up-front expense that may be difficult or even impossible to recoup in the first year.  The Honeycomb Archive price model creates an excellent solution to this problem since there are little to no upfront costs.  Quick Square even formats and loads all of your initial content at no cost.
  • Does the system solve your problems:  Although your company is unique in many ways, many organizations face a similar need to manage and distribute product imagery to their retailers and sales force.  If this is a familiar issue for your organization, examining how Honeycomb Archive resolves this challenge for Industry leaders and smaller companies alike will form a strong case for the application of this technology to your business.
  • You need support:  The system itself doesn’t solve all the organizational challenges, it is the process which incorporates the system that achieves real results.  In order to implement a complete process, customer support is needed along the way.  Quick Square provides several support elements as part of the Honeycomb Archive service.  This support includes initial consulting and continued support to format and load your changing content.  As your company collaborates on content creation we also provide unlimited phone/email support to assist in the process.

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