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Organize Digital Assets

If you are just beginning to identify a digital asset management solution for your digital asset needs, first you need to define the scope of all of your assets.  You will need to identify the basics like the number of digital files, the amount of storage space required for these digital assets, as well as the types of digital files you have.  Most importantly, you need to define the process you will use to "Get your Digital Assets Organized!"  Here are some key questions to ask:

  • How will I gather and consolidate all of these digital files?
  • How should these digital assets be organized and tagged with keywords?
  • How can this newly organized digital asset library be maintained when new digital images are supplied from photographers and agencies and as new stock photos, videos and other various digital files are added?

Getting from "here to there" Organize with Digital Asset Management System

Most organizations that are exploring digital asset management solutions have files on CD’s and various file servers, every folder may be organized differently or not at all.  There are frequently duplicate digital files and file variations as well as missing and inconsistent metadata.

The goal of digital asset management is to have all files organized in a single location.  Ideally keywords are permanently embedded in the actual file and there is a workflow, standards and tools in place to stay organized.

Get Organized with Honeycomb Archive

If you have thousands or even terabytes of digital assets that are completely disorganized, you’re likely overwhelmed.  It is overwhelming because it is nearly impossible to cross-compare thousands of files, identify file resolution and image name versions, eliminate duplicate files when they are named differently or identify files that are different but have the same name.

In order to bring "order" to such a mess it is necessary to either apply many work hours to the task OR utilize a variety of image organization tools that can make sense of the process.  We utilize a proprietary process that allows us to identify and eliminate duplicate files, resolve issues with business rules, convert files into consistent file formats, apply captions, keywords, descriptions and other metadata and return those digital assets to you in a manner that will be acceptable to most modern digital asset management systems.

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