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Manage Digital Assets

The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system provides robust and intuitive tools for you to manage thousands or even terabytes of your digital images and files.

DAM System – Hierarchical Organization

This DAM system supports unlimited categories & subcategories for organizing all digital assets.  In addition to hierarchical organization, files can be further organized into groups.  The Corporate version of our Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system also allows for groups and files to be aliased so they can appear in multiple categories.


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Grouping Files with a DAM System

Honeycomb Archive allows you to group related files together within your digital asset library.  It is very useful to combine similar files to keep things organized and reduce the number of thumbnails a user sees when browsing the DAM system.  Customers frequently use this feature to group product or event photos as well as digital images that have a corresponding document such as a Word or PDF file.


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DAM Solution fits Media Types & Nomenclature

Our DAM systems come pre-configured to handle virtually any type of digital media file and can be adjusted to use specific sizes, formats and naming structures that fit your organization.

Media Sites

The Honeycomb Archive Corporate version supports multiple media sites or digital asset libraries with their own designated users all managed within a single DAM system.  Organizations can have separate media sites for marketing, sales, key vendors, international locations and subsidiaries.  Media is organized within your own unique and unlimited category structure and related media files can even be grouped together within categories and appear in multiple categories.

DAM Media (meta) Data

Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system supports a broad range of metadata for your media files.  Metadata includes caption, file name, description, usage restrictions, free-form keywords, customized keyword lists and much more.

Customized keyword collections would include a list of keywords that you pre-define.  For example, you might choose the keyword “occupation” which would include terms such as police, fireman and nurse.  This structure is expandable as your needs change making it easy to enter data and filter searches.  The Corporate version of Honeycomb Archive DAM also supports data attributes.  This allows you to create different sets of data attributes to manage data that is related to your media.  You can think of these as rows of data related to a file or group of files.  An example of this feature is a set of “product” attributes for a product manufacturing company.  A photo of a product often has multiple data attributes for the various size, color and product numbers that are related to a photo or product sale sheet.

DAM Solution for Custom Watermarking

As digital images are loaded into the DAM system a custom watermark can be selectively applied.  This watermark can be applied to all formats for that image automatically (high res, PowerPoint and web thumbnail that are created by the system) or only to specific formats.  This watermark can easily be customized with your message or copyright information.

DAM Offers Expandable Storage on Demand

You can increase the storage capacity for your digital assets at any time.  All customers can scale up to terabytes of storage as needed with Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management.  Redundant backup options are always available no matter how large your storage needs become.  Talk to a Honeycomb specialist today.

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