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Digital Asset Management - Loading Data

Getting images and other media files into your digital asset management system efficiently is essential so that users have access to the most current files.  Honeycomb Archive makes this job much easier.

DAM Solution for Loading Files & Searchable Data

Honeycomb Archive provides authorized users to load files directly into the DAM system by browsing to a location on your computer and uploading a single file or multiple files.  It is not necessary to zip the files before uploading.  Once the file upload is complete they are placed in a queue for review, tagging and activation.


Add Files - 0:51

Editing Digital Assets

You can easily edit the caption, keywords and the description or move files to another category.  Honeycomb Archive also allows you to replace a file with an updated version while preserving all of the associated data.


Edit Files - 0:48

Digital Asset Management Initial Data Loading Support

When new customers launch a Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system, we can assist with an initial mass import of your data.  We have the experience to help your organization map out a robust data strategy for organizing and loading files from an existing system that you are retiring.  We can also help load files that are simply on CD and file servers.  Our experience can cut the time in half for this process.

Digital Assets can be Added by any Approved User

One important feature of the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system is that it isn’t necessary for all of the file loading work to fall on a central person.  Honeycomb Archive provides the capability for files to be added by any user that is given permission to upload.  If you are confident in the organization and judgment of a user, their files can be immediately activated upon upload.  If the files need to be reviewed prior to activation then that users uploads are flagged as pending and they are not activated until approved by an administrator.

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