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Digital Asset Management Software

Honeycomb Archive is a powerful and versatile digital asset management software that is used by organizations within many different industry sectors.  Our Honeycomb Archive (DAM) software is flexible and customizable for customer solutions that range from small manufacturers to Fortune 1000 and 500 companies with terabytes of digital assets.  This hosted digital asset management system provides efficiencies on all levels when organizing, managing and distributing digital assets.

Digital Asset Management Software (SaaS) are used by Marketing Departments

While there are several specific niche industries that utilize Honeycomb Archive as their digital asset management software solution, the vast majority of our clients are marketing departments.  Typically, marketing departments tell us that their photography and other digital images are dispersed on various servers, CDs and individual user computers.  Honeycomb Archive customer service specialists are able to review these needs and determine the best solution – whether it is a system that runs on their own departmental server or if they need a web-based "hosted" DAM solution.  Normally the latter is necessary when there are multiple offices and remote users such as ad agencies, marketing teams, business partners and the media.

Honeycomb Archive provides marketing teams with a highly organized repository of images and other digital assets.  By providing a self-service application that allows users to obtain the correct media themselves, the marketing department is alleviated of this time-consuming responsibility and able to focus on more productive work.

DAM Solution for Advertising Agencies & Photography Studios

Honeycomb Archive loves photography.  Photographs inside of our digital asset management software (SaaS) become a readily accessible, efficient resource for advertising agencies and photography studio personnel.  We can provide a "private label" DAM solution so these companies can meet their client's needs.  While Honeycomb Archive fully supports all customers, agencies and photography studios, many of these companies typically prefer to remain the main point of contact with their client.  Our digital asset management system allows these companies to utilize a branded design that removes references to the Honeycomb Archive DAM system.

We enjoy the fact that we are able to solve digital asset headaches for advertising agencies and photography studios and consequently allow them to solve their client’s digital asset headaches – which makes happy customers.  They are also able to offer value added services for their client as they help keep the photographs and other digital assets organized and current.

Digital Asset Management for Product Manufacturers

Product manufacturers share a common need to supply product photos/marketing images to their distributors, retailers and sales representatives.  For many companies this process is achieved by supplying digital images by email, CD or often an FTP or website that contains downloadable links for their graphics.  While many companies already have a website area where digital images are downloadable, these are typically "first generation" solutions that are non-searchable and have limited functionality to update and maintain the site media.

Honeycomb Archive provides the perfect DAM solution for product manufacturers.  This system automatically provides both the high resolution digital image needed for printed advertising as well as a low resolution image optimized for PowerPoint.  All digital assets are managed directly within a web browser so changes and new product photography are available in real-time.  Clients are also able to utilize various levels of access control so clients can obtain digital images that are exclusive for them.  Another option is that with Honeycomb Archive, the entire DAM system can be branded to match the client’s corporate site.

Digital assets are searchable and product information can be relevant and tagged to each digital image.  For instance, Honeycomb Archive is one of the few web-based digital asset management systems that supports tables of product data.  A single photo may represent many different product options for the various sizes or colors of that product.  Honeycomb Archive displays a table of these product attributes (i.e.: product number, UPC, size, weight, color) and those attributes are automatically downloaded with the image as an accompanying Excel spreadsheet.

Retail Can Manage Their Digital Assets

Retailers that have hundreds or thousands of store locations are able to utilize the features of Honeycomb Archive to manage their digital assets in one simple system.  For instance, by using a special version of Honeycomb Archive, one national retailer is able to maintain photos of each of their store locations.  This feature allows each management level to log into the DAM system and view photos of specific stores.  With this same version of the DAM solution, the marketing department is able to verify that the POP and other store signage are being utilized properly while also viewing the store environment.

Another retailer is able to use Honeycomb Archive to build a digital archive library of event photos.  Each year this retailer hosts hundreds of store events and dozens of grand openings.  These digital images are of historical importance to the retailer and are highly organized and searchable within the DAM system.

DAM Systems Benefit Non-Profit Organizations

The marketing departments of non-profit organizations face the same digital asset management issues as their "for-profit" counter parts.  Because non-profits typically rely heavily on volunteers, it is very important to work as productively and efficiently as possible.

It also works with non-profit organizations to implement cost saving strategies that make our digital asset management system more affordable.  We also believe in using our DAM system to help non-profit organizations whose mission is aligned with charitable work that we support.

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