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Honeycomb FAQs

What type of files can go into Honeycomb Archive?

Honeycomb Archive can support any type of file; however, our clients mostly use their systems to manage images.  Other commonly used file types are PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

What search criteria can I use?

Honeycomb Archive automatically includes the caption, category names and keywords in the search function.  Keywords are entered in the administrative area of the system and can include as many keywords that are desired.

What are the options for branding the user interface?

Honeycomb Archive includes the ability to brand the site with your logo and home page graphic.  Clients that want the entire user interface tailored to match their brand can achieve this using our Enterprise version.  There is a one time setup cost for Quick Square to apply your custom site design to the site.

What type of training is provided?

Quick Square provides training sessions and documentation for all new clients along with continued phone/online support.  Since the system is very easy to use, the administrator training session usually lasts about an hour.  A follow-up session is then scheduled to answer questions that arise as you are using the system.  The fees for Honeycomb Archive also include continued phone/web-based support so we will continue to answer any questions as they arise.

Can my site be password protected?

Yes.  Many of our client sites are password protected although some choose to have their sites "open" without using passwords to access images.  Clients that share product photos with retailers and sales people often make these images accessible without a password so retailers/distributors can easily obtain these images for their advertising.

How much can I store in the system?

There is no limit to how much data you can store in Honeycomb Archive; however, there is an incremental cost for the space your system utilizes.  We work closely with our clients to optimize their space usage by removing obsolete images and properly formatting images.

Can I customize the functionality?

Yes, the Corporate version of Honeycomb Archive systems can be modified as each individual system is a stand-alone web application.  The Workgroup version of the system can’t be customized.

How soon can my site be launched?

Workgroup systems can be setup within 1 hour.  Corporate version systems are typically setup within 1-3 business days.  Prior to launching a system, Quick Square will collaborate with the client to plan out their organization strategy.

Can I install the software on my own server?

At this time Honeycomb Archive is only offered as a hosted service.

Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

Honeycomb Archive clients can go "month-to-month".

Is my data backed up?

Honeycomb Archive provides for different levels of backup and redundancy based on your service agreement but all systems are backed up daily.

How can I explore Honeycomb Archive further without signing up for the service?

Quick Square offers a free trial.  Before we configure your trial we will discuss your needs to make sure our system is a good fit.

What if I need to add more users or space to my site?

Additional users and storage space can be added at an incremental cost.  Honeycomb Archive also offers an “unlimited user” package.

What if I need to get images or files to others who are not users in my system?

Honeycomb Archive offers a unique “email cart” feature, where images or files can be gathered into a cart and then emailed to anyone, anywhere.

I want to make images available to my users, but I need to be able to track and control usage.  Is there functionality for that?

Images or files can be marked as restrictive and users must request permission from an administrator of the system to use these restricted files.

Is there a way I can put all of the files I access the most often into an easily accessible place?

Honeycomb Archive offers a “Favorites” or “Lightbox” feature, which is based upon user login, so users in the system can save their "favorites" and easily access them in the future without having to browse through the system.

Is there a limit on the number of categories or subcategories within Honeycomb Archive?

No, there is no limit.  An administrator in the system can set up as many categories or subcategories as is appropriate.

Where will my Honeycomb Archive system be set up?

Your Corporate version of the Honeycomb Archive system can be set up at whatever domain or sub-domain that you choose.  Workgroup users access their system at honeycombarchive.com.

My company has a custom watermark to be applied to our images.  How does that work with Honeycomb Archive?

Honeycomb Archive Corporate can accommodate custom watermarking to all or specific images.

What methods does Honeycomb Archive offer to help me organize my files?

Besides allowing for unlimited categories and subcategories, Honeycomb Archive also offers a grouping feature which allows grouping of files within a category or subcategory.

What if I want to load files into the system, but I don’t want users of the system to be able to view them until I’m ready?

Honeycomb Archive offers the ability to set an individual file or an entire category or subcategory to inactive status, which allows the administrator to decide when specific files or categories should be made available.

Can Honeycomb Archive help me keep track of the files to which I have limited rights?

Yes, when files are loaded into Honeycomb Archive Corporate, they can be tagged with an expiration date.  Rights Management reports can be run at any time within the system to assist the administrator in determining any given file’s status.

Can Honeycomb Archive be used to manage workflow or assist with collaboration?

Yes, Honeycomb Archive Corporate offers the functionality to create tasks for files and assign those tasks to specific users.  Also, users can collaborate on specific files and make comments about a specific file and send it to another user of the system.

Is the administrator of the system the only person who can upload and tag images?

No, any user can be given specific, individual capabilities to upload, tag, and manage files, create or update categories, and audit categories.

How can the administrator of the system communicate within Honeycomb Archive to their users?

Honeycomb Archive offers the ability to create an announcement, choose an audience for the announcement, and set a time frame for the announcement to display.  Announcements can also be sent via email.

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