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Find Digital Assets

It is easy to find the correct digital asset in Honeycomb Archive as a result of the organizational structure, search features and the rich tagging of data associated to your files.  Managing all of your digital assets, whether it is thousands or terabytes of images, is efficiently done with our DAM.


All files are organized in a hierarchical structure.  The system supports a completely custom category structure with unlimited levels of subcategories.  As users browse thru categories they can choose to expand the entire subcategory structure that they are browsing within.  Clicking thumbnails will show a larger preview image with options and allow users to see the next/previous files.

Quick Search

The quick search appears at the top of the system and allows for a quick keyword search.  Users can search across the entire system or limit their search to the particular category tree of the system that they are browsing within.

Advanced Search

The advanced search is easy to use but powerful enough to combine search filters and user-friendly logic to narrow search results.  Users can limit their search by file type, category tree as well as combine search terms together to find files that have all of the keyword terms, any of the keyword terms or an exact match to the keyword terms.

Customizable Keyword Filters

The Corporate version of the system allows for pre-defined keyword lists which we call keyword types.  These keyword lists are useful for consistently tagging files as they are added to the system and for combining together as search filters to find digital assets.  These keyword filters can be used much the same way that stock photography companies have pre-defined keyword tags however these tags can be completely tailored to your system.

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