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Digital Asset Reports

Digital asset management reports are a powerful feature of Honeycomb Archive.  Reports are driven from detailed tracking of every file download performed by every user of the system.  This tracking functionality is then used by reports to assist in keeping your system current and understanding how files are being used. 

Both the Workgroup and Corporate versions of the system include reporting, however the Corporate version includes several more advanced reports:

File Activity by User

The system tracks all file downloads and as a result there are reports to show which files are the most active and which users are downloading them.  Similarly there is another report to view this data by user so you can see the most active users in the system and which files they are downloading.

File Inactivity

As your system matures, it can be helpful to not only see which files are active but also to identify files that are not receiving any activity.  Reports that show which files have not had any activity in a defined period of time can be helpful to purge out obsolete files.

File Auditor

Although some reports are intended to display data, the file auditor also allows an administrator to immediately take action on that information.  The file auditor feature allows an administrator to review the entire system very quickly by viewing files that have not previously been audited in a period of time.  Obsolete files can be deleted very quickly during this review process.

Display of File Usage

The Corporate version of Honeycomb Archive can be configured to require users to enter how they intend to use a file.  This usage information is reviewed by and can be edited by a system administrator who can decide if the usage information should be displayed in the system.  If they elect to display the usage information then users that browse to that file in the future will see a list of all instances where the file was used.  This feature can be helpful so that files are not over used in marketing.

Download to Excel

The Corporate version includes an Excel download report that will export all of the system data to an excel spreadsheet.

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