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Digital Asset Management Software

5 reasons for digital asset management

Digital asset management software can change the way your company does business.  Let’s look at these five key areas of digital asset management:

  • Find digital assets efficiently
  • Protect digital assets
  • Control digital asset access
  • Organize digital assets
  • Share digital assets

Find Digital Assets – Quickly & Easily

Some studies suggest that without digital asset management software it can take an employee up to one full hour to find a single photograph.  With digital asset management software, searching for a digital image can be reduced to just 10 minutes.  The average digital image search for clients using the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System is cut down even further.  This search using our DAM software takes only two minutes.

Our DAM software supports custom category configurations with unlimited levels of subcategories that can be expanded to grow as the category expands.  A keyword search can be done using either broad or specific explorations.  With Honeycomb Archive, an Advanced Search allows users to pinpoint what they are looking for even further. 

Protect Digital Assets – Central Location for DAM Backup

Maintaining our customer digital assets is our core business.  At Honeycomb Archive, we provide a strong data infrastructure and redundant data backups to ensure stability and success.  We have our own dedicated servers, firewalls and security appliances and we keep your digital assets in one central location.

You select the level of data backup protection needed for your digital asset management.  With the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management software, all systems are backed up nightly in the data center.  If you require a higher level of protection, higher level security packages are available with additional data backups as well as longer digital asset retention.  We can even mirror your system to a geographically redundant web server.

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Control Digital Assets – Permission for Access

Our digital asset software allows your digital assets to be as accessible as they need to be.  This system can be configured with or without a login requirement.  Customized login controls, combined with varying levels of user access and rights management features, allow for dozens of possibilities that can make this digital asset management software work best for your organization.

Digital assets can be restricted so that certain users must request permission to download a file.  Once a user’s request has been submitted for approval, a notice is emailed to that user letting them know which digital files they can use and how to download them.

Organize Digital Assets – Logically & Consistently

Often companies without digital asset management software have thousands or even terabytes of digital assets that are completely disorganized and the task of organization is overwhelming.  To bring order to such confusion, Honeycomb Archive utilizes a proprietary process that:

  • Identifies and eliminates duplicate files
  • Resolve issues with business rules
  • Converts digital files into consistent file formats
  • Applies captions, keywords, descriptions and other metadata.

The result is that all of your digital assets will be organized in a single location, categorized in a structured order, and tagged with rich, logical and consistent metadata that has been permanently embedded in the actual file.

Share Digital Assets – Self Service Access

Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management software solves the problem of cumbersome image sharing or distribution.  Sending and circulating digital assets to outside sources or in-house departments has never been easier with our DAM solution.  This efficiency saves a great deal of time and effort as there is no longer a need to burn digital images to a disc, use FTP or email large digital image files.

Our Email Cart provides a very easy-to-use way to share digital assets.  To use this feature, you simply enter your email address, name and any comments you like.  The digital asset management system the sends out an email link to your recipient.  Once received, the recipient clicks on the link to the digital file and then has the ability to quickly download the digital assets you sent to them.

A robust digital asset management system like Honeycomb Archive will efficiently organize your digital assets and make the essential task of finding and distributing these files a very quick and easy process.  The ability to search and share digital assets efficiently will make your employees’ time more productive and profitable.  With the daily backups, your digital assets will be properly protected and treated like investments.  See for yourself what digital asset management software can do for your company.

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