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Digital Asset Content Security

DAM Solution Provides Digital Asset Content Security

With a Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System, all digital assets can be secured and easily managed within any organization.  Our DAM solution (Digital Asset Management) protects the significant investment your company has made in its marketing materials rather than leaving them susceptible to catastrophic loss.  Securing your digital assets in one single location and performing routine tested backups with a hosted DAM solution will prevent accidental or malicious loss to your digital marketing files, photographic images, and videos.

Securing Digital Assets in your Organization

When it comes to understanding your digital asset needs and evaluating digital asset management systems, it is often difficult to know where to start.  Discerning DAM software capabilities and translating those features into genuine improvements for your company are not simple tasks.  This process can become even more complicated since the benefits are not achieved until the full process is rolled out.

First, Consider How Digital Assets are Managed in your Company

Often, digital images and marketing materials are not viewed as digital assets even though they were created at significant company expense.  Within many organizations, these digital assets exist in various forms of media like photographic images, video, and audio files.  Without a digital asset management system, these digital files are generally stored on individual user computers, CD/DVDs and spread throughout the company in various offices and departments.  The result is that these digital assets become vulnerable when they cannot be properly secured with regularly scheduled strategic backups.

Typically organized by project with many different file names and labels, retrieval of stored digital asset content from servers, desktops & CD becomes increasingly more complicated.  Finding these digital images and then verifying the accuracy of these images is a daunting and time consuming task.  Often the only way to retrieve these digital images is by browsing folders and searching on limited length file names.

Next, Ask These Digital Asset Security Questions:

  • Where are all of your digital assets and files located?
  • How frequently are these files backed up?
  • Have you tested these backups to simulate a catastrophe?
  • If a key employee leaves, can somebody else easily find the most current digital image?

Many industry leaders have chosen the Honeycomb Archive because this DAM solution can uniquely control the entire organization’s digital assets from by one central server or “dashboard”.  Our digital asset management system provides immediate access to all of your digital assets.  In addition, all files and the searchable database are strategic backed up nightly providing the security you need for your digital media management.

Our Digital Asset Management Advice:

  • Spend as little money as possible for your digital asset management system.  Some DAM solutions require an enormous up-front expense that may be difficult or even impossible to recoup in the first year.  The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System is an excellent DAM solution since there are little to no upfront costs.  We may even format and load all of your initial content at no cost. 
  • Although your company is unique in many ways, the need to manage and distribute digital assets to retailers, sales force, franchisees, etc. is similar.  Let us demonstrate how Honeycomb Archive resolves this digital asset management challenge for both Industry Leaders and smaller companies.  
  • Honeycomb Archive also provides the technical support to help you achieve the most efficient digital asset organizational challenges.  A system itself doesn’t solve all the problems; it is the process which incorporates the DAM solution that achieves tangible results.  That is why our DAM solution provides several support elements as part of the Honeycomb Archive service.  After our initial consultations, we provide unlimited phone/email support to help develop and maintain content organization that is most efficient for your company.  Continued support is provided to format and load your ever-changing and growing digital assets.

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