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Customizable - Digital Asset Management DAM SaaS

Digital asset management software (DAM) SaaS  (Software-as-a-Service) has become an affordable and attractive solution for many organizations that want efficiency in their implementation, without the hassles of hardware installed software or internal IT support.  The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system takes the DAM SaaS approach one step further by providing system customization that flexibly fits your company’s unique needs.  Our customized DAM SaaS, also called extensible SaaS, provides a long-term, attractive solution that grows with your company even accommodating terabytes of digital assets.

How Flexible is our DAM SaaS?

It is inevitable that as soon as you implement a digital asset management system, the CEO, key client or vendor will ask "what if", "can it do" or "how could we?"  Our dedicated digital asset management specialists are available to answer all of your questions and determine the best and most affordable way to provide those various customizable options.

The reality is that organizational needs change over time and you can’t foresee every possible need in advance.  A successful DAM SaaS solution will meet your company needs for years to come because it has the ability to adapt as your company’s needs change.  The ability to customize the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system makes this a long lasting solution and a sound investment.  Often these customizations can greatly increase your productivity and these requests can often be solved for a modest fee.  We have found that many of these requests don’t involve custom programming or additional fees since there are so many flexible features built into our digital asset management system that can be adapted to meet your company’s needs.

Why Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System is the Best Choice

The customizable structure of Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management sets it apart from other systems.  Virtually, all other DAM SaaS / web-based digital asset management systems are very difficult to customize because they are either “off the shelf” boxed products or they are part of a shared web infrastructure (like Flickr) that does not have the ability to have unique features for a specific system.

For many DAM providers it is also a challenge to provide a quick, straight answer about how custom features will work and how much it will cost for the modification.  Perhaps you’ve heard a sales person "fluff" around this issue.

Honeycomb Archive is unique because your digital asset management system is configured as a "stand alone" website application that is fully independent from our other systems.  This infrastructure along with our digital asset management technicians and specialists provide the experience needed to customize your DAM system to meet your company’s unique needs.  Once you have had an in-depth discussion with a Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management specialist, we will develop a clear quote and written description and/or wire framed solution for your custom features within 1-3 business days.

How can a Digital Asset Management SaaS be Customized

This customization can include custom branding of the DAM system user interface but it can go far beyond the site branding to include reports, specific access controls, unique file formats and sizes or integration with other systems.  If your request is possible to achieve on the web, we can add it to your DAM system.

At Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system, we have built a library of unique features that can be adapted and applied to satisfy custom requests.  The ability to meet these customer specific needs can help achieve your DAM SaaS goals.

Some digital asset management system customization examples include:

  • Ability to have multiple "faces" (Multiple Media Sites) within one Corporate DAM system.  All data is managed from the same dashboard but each subsidiary has their own website URL to provide direct access to their site allowing them to only view their branded DAM and digital asset content.
  • Adapt or modify the Search feature to target specific criteria or display digital assets in a specific way.
  • Login capability that allows a client to access their DAM media system from their corporate intranet without having to type in a user name and password.
  • Custom digital asset management reports and or media usage tracking for digital assets.
  • Additional custom web pages within the DAM system to provide specific information to site users.
  • Specifically tailored digital image formats and sizes to meet specific requirements.  If customers need changes, we can also go back and automate the application of these revised data standards to the existing data.
  • Mass import and update of customer data, users, and digital assets.
  • Implementation of pricing or other fulfillment options where the DAM system is being used to manage digital assets that are either for sale or have a fulfillment cost. (printed materials, stock photos, signage)
  • Custom fields to track and detail how files are used or related metadata associated with the media.
  • Localization to tailor the user interface for specific audience groups or languages.

Our Honeycomb Digital Asset Management SaaS system was developed because we know that a company rarely stays in business if it is stagnant.  We chose to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients, and to do that, we need to provide great flexibility and customization so your DAM solution can grow and change along with your company.

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