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Digital Asset Management

Managing your digital assets is an important step in providing your company’s most recent and cleanest brand image.  At Honeycomb Archive we continue to assemble the latest technical information to help you with the storage, management and retrieval of your valuable digital images. 

Portable Network Graphic or PNG is a bit mapped graphic format similar to GIF. They are a portable, lossless and well compressed way to store digital images. PNG was designed to transfer images to the internet. They can have a transparent background so that when displayed on the internet or in powerpoint a white box does not appear around the digital image.

Creating a PNG
Open the digital image in Photoshop. Click on the Create new path icon on the bottom of the Paths task pane. If the image has a solid color for the background we could simply use the magic wand tool, but for this image we are going to have to use the Pen Tool to cut the path. Select the Pen Tool from the toolbox then begin cutting a path around the object that we want to extract from the image. Use the Add Anchor Point Tool to create curves and be careful to stay inside the borders of the image. Once the outline of the object has been made click on the arrow of the Paths task pane and choose Clipping Path. Assign it a flatness, right click on Path 1 and then choose Make Selection.

Once the clipping path has been selected, go to the Select pull down menu and click Inverse.
After the image has been inversed, go to the Edit pull down menu and select Clear. This deletes the background from the image.

Right click on Path 1 again and Make Selection. Then Copy. Switch over to the Layers tab and create a new Layer by clicking on the Create New Layer icon on the bottom of the Layers task pane. Paste Path 1 into that window of Layer 1. After pasting the path go ahead and delete the background layer.

Once you see the grey and white checkered background you know you have successfully created a transparent background. Save as a PNG. Now you can take your png into Powerpoint and layer other images or text over it.

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