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Corporate Image Library

Most Honeycomb Archive customers use Honeycomb Archive as a web-based corporate image library.  Honeycomb Archive is ideally suited for marketing departments to maintain a library of thousands or even terabytes of brand approved digital assets and many features are tailored to suit the needs related to this objective.

Two Honeycomb features that are particularly helpful for use as a corporate image library are the automated fulfillment of restricted files and the ability to maintain multiple media sites within the same digital asset management system.

The first feature, to automate the fulfillment of restricted files allows the digital asset manager to designate selected files (or all files) as viewable and requestable without allowing them to be downloaded.  For example, the company may have purchased rights managed files that can be used under certain terms but to stay within their usage rights, these files can’t be used by just anyone.  These files appear in Honeycomb Archive with a restricted use watermark and have a “request” button.  The user then can complete a form to indicate how they want to use the file and this request is emailed to the person authorized to grant or deny permission.  This authorized person then logs into the system, reviews the request and can grant or deny the request with the option of providing more details.  This information is then emailed to the requestor.  If the request is approved then they also are able to download the permitted file(s).

The second feature that positions Honeycomb Archive as an excellent corporate image library solution is the ability to maintain multiple libraries within the same system.  For example, there are several multi-national corporations that use Honeycomb Archive for this purpose and they are able to provide separate unique image libraries for their different business units.  For example the US business unit can browse/download/upload and maintain their library of files while the International business unit can do the same within just their unit.  Specific users can be given permissions for both areas if that is desired while generally each audience has only access to the files that are pertinent to them.  The key benefit to this approach is that the total system cost can be spread out across the budgets of these various business units while they each maintain their own control and independence.

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