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Honeycomb Archive Workgroup is a digital asset management system that is easy to use and affordable at only $149 per month.

Recently, we were approached by a small company that was facing the same image library management problems that our large corporate accounts face.  This roofing company had collected thousands of photos of past projects and was struggling with the challenges of finding and sharing these digital images.  Together we began a discussion to determine if a digital asset management system was a practical and affordable solution for them.

To date, this client had accumulated about 3,000 digital images and a dozen videos in folders on their local server requiring 10 gigabytes of storage.  A few employees had routinely accessed these files and were able to sleuth through the folders to find what they needed.  This was a difficult and time consuming process since each project had only default names assigned by their digital camera and the thumbnail previews were too small to view on their computers.  Sharing and distributing these digital images was another challenge as emailing the images was unwieldy and it was time consuming to burn and ship a disk.

Normally, our digital asset management specialist guides new corporate clients through an initial set-up data strategy.  This thoroughly organizes and tags all digital images and deletes all obsolete and duplicate files.  Given the scope of this roofing company’s existing digital assets, the initial set-up would have required a large block of time and like most small companies, they didn’t have the staff to dedicate to this project.

Our solution was to recommend a digital asset management system that was sized right for their needs – Honeycomb Archive Workgroup.  This 5 user DAM system offers 10 gigabytes of storage and all the basic tools to organize, find and distribute the digital images for this roofing company.

This roofing company opted to purchase our technical start-up service at a nominal fee to get their new Honeycomb Archive Workgroup system up and running quickly.  We performed a mass import for all of their digital files following their existing folder structure.  Users can now quickly and easily browse through their digital images in a larger preview mode.  Once selected, these digital images can be shared within their company as well as shared with unlimited external contacts using the unique Honeycomb Archive email cart feature.

As time allows, this company can easily “audit” each photo category by applying searchable identification tags to each digital image.  As they continue to use Honeycomb Archive Workgroup system, they will be able to use system reports to find files that are frequently accessed and apply keywords to make these images more accessible while deleting files that have not been used for a long time.

Honeycomb Archive Workgroup system was the perfect digital asset management solution for this small company.  Might it be right for your company?  Call us to discuss a DAM solution that fits your company's needs.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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