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Built-in Video Converter (Video Transcoding Online)

We’ve all been there:  you have a new video and you want to circulate it but you need to convert the video into one or more versions and then route them to different team members. 

Honeycomb Archive makes it easy with its online video converter tool, which creates other specified video versions automatically when you upload your higher quality video. Sure, it may be easy enough to make these video conversions and distribute them one time... but as it goes with video editing and multiple video updates, this can become a project in and of itself. Imagine instead having an online video converter that allows you to simply replace the original (allowing Honeycomb Archive to auto-regenerate all versions and place them in your online library).  Honeycomb Archive’s online video converter not only does all the work to create the versions it also is a champ at distributing the files to the right audiences. This is priceless.

Another way to explain this video converter is if you have five different audiences that each need different video conversion made (one person needs an M4V, one person needs an MP4, one person needs a WebM, one person needs a WMV - yes, some sales teams still use these in PowerPoints), Honeycomb automatically creates these versions and allows them to be accessed by the appropriate parties. (Which means you... can finally go to lunch.)

Contact us today to start a discussion about how your company could start using our online video converter and distributing video conversions to various audiences. Packages are available on a month-to-month basis (pay-as-you-go).


For the techno-video-geeks out there, we are of course talking about video transcoding software fully integrated into Honeycomb Archive. For automatic watermarking, shorter preview clips, auto-intros and outtros - contact us for to discuss your business requirements.

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