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Our Story

Based in Columbus Ohio, Quick Square Consulting has been providing Honeycomb Archive as a web-based digital asset management solution since 2001.  Originally, our customers were primarily product manufacturers who used our DAM SaaS system as it was the easiest way to archive and share massive libraries of digital photos with brand managers and marketing teams.

The ability to store digital assets with all of the related metadata for use in catalogs or other publications came as a natural outgrowth from the experience of Matthew Yerkes and Jordan Gray, childhood friends since the age of 7.  Matthew came from a prepress background and had experience working for over a decade with one of the largest prepress companies in the United States.  Jordan’s background included a hands-on launch of a successful dotcom in the late 1990s that catalogued and sold goods from major medical equipment manufacturers, still a successful venture today. (SpinLife.com)

Together, Matt and Jordan have formulated a system which has developed and matured through tougher and tougher digital asset management challenges over the past 12 years.  Most of the first decade was dedicated to aligning a variety of complex data patterns to digital assets.  The last two years, Honeycomb Archive has been developing a strong solution for juggling large terabyte sized digital asset systems with greater ease.

One of the most important aspects of Honeycomb Archive is our team’s understanding of the complexities availability within our digital asset management system.  These features can be leveraged to help customers with their emerging business requirements – which always seem to be in a state of flux.  Once we understand our customer’s business process, an important discovery state which we call "data strategy", our team of experts can assemble a digital asset management system pilot with features that specifically meet the needs of that particular company.  This working pilot system has proven to be a priceless advantage since it let’s our customer’s team touch, feel and use the actual Honeycomb Archive DAM system with their own digital assets.

After 12 years of providing a DAM solution to companies all over the world, we have realized that we are doing more than just providing a web-based software solution.  Instead, we are providing a more survivable working environment for people who are otherwise very heavily burdened by historically bad organization of files (often an inherited problem) and Rube Goldberg workflow processes that add significant amounts of stress and drama to employees who are simply trying to find the files and deliver them on time.

Basically, we just like to be available to help.  To that end we have always offered our digital asset management service as a pay-as-you-go/pay-as-you-grow model.  There are no long-term contracts required as all of our service offerings are entirely month-to-month so that no customer ever feels chained or obligated.

If our business approach fits with your thinking, contact one of our Honeycomb Archive specialists to discuss your corporate digital asset management needs.

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Our promise
  • We will setup a fully working sample system to validate your business requirements before you even become a customer.
  • We will develop a comprehensive data strategy with your team (sharing our experience and best practices) until you are satisfied.
  • We will fully provision and configure your system to meet the business requirements of the approved data strategy.
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