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Non-Profit Digital Libraries

Easily and affordably, organize, manage and preserve all of your organization’s historical and current media assets with the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.  This web-based DAM provides authorized users with 24/7 access to all of your media assets so they can share and publish your media assets efficiently and affordably.

Find the Image You Need

Once all of your images have been loaded and tagged in the web-based digital library, you can easily search and find all related images.  This efficiency will save countless hours of searching and can highly impact the productivity of your organization.  Designed to help you do more with less, this intuitive digital asset management system requires only minimal training to use and plans begin at just $149/month.

non-profit event photoMany charitable organizations have images and presentations that exist in many formats like prints, CDs, slides, power points and videos.  Our digital asset management system is an affordable way to get all of your media assets organized so you can find the digital images you need quickly and easily.   We can also help you get your images converted to digital files that can then be loaded and logically tagged in your DAM.

Easily Share and Publish Your Media Assets

Often, the management of non-profit organizations is supported by a series of volunteers which is why this intuitive web-based DAM software is ideal.  In less than an hour of training, users can proficiently load, tag, organize, download and publish all of your digital assets.  Your digital asset management system is always accessible with internet access, so your users can login and work with your media assets whenever and wherever it’s convenient. 

Publishing from the Honeycomb Archive DAM also helps to consistently provide approved images for your newsletters, blogs, websites or other publications.  

Protect Your Media Assets

Protection is essential for your archives and that is why Honeycomb Archive provides reliable and consistent data backup each night.  This level of security prevents loss and damage to your valuable media assets.   

Expandable DAM

For just $149 per month, your non-profit organization can begin with our Workgroup plan that includes up to five (5) DAM system users and 10 gig of media storage.  The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system can grow with you to flexibly accommodate more users, storage space and can also be customized to fit unique requirements of your organization should they arise.  

Call and speak with one of our digital asset management specialists to see how your non-profit organization can benefit from this intuitive and affordable system.

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