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Digital Asset Management of Multiple Libraries

In the world of digital asset management, one crucial feature sets Honeycomb Archive apart from its competition as the best digital asset management system in the industry.  This cost efficient, exclusive feature allows Honeycomb Archive customers to have distinct multiple media sites all under one umbrella.  This means that you can manage and administer more than one media site, set of resources or media libraries from one single Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System.

Multiple digital asset librariesDoes this Digital Asset Management System let me Manage Different Brands within our Company?

With the Multiple Media Sites Feature from Honeycomb Archive, companies have the ability to partition off resources or whole media libraries while the administrator controls one central “dashboard” for all of the individual media libraries.  This is a huge benefit for companies with several distinct divisions or brands.  The Honeycomb Archive can provide a stand-alone digital assent management system for each brand or division.  Each division of end users will only have access to their own media site appropriate for this user.

With one Digital Asset Management System, can we have Secure Digital Libraries per Department?

The Multiple Media Site Feature can also be utilized with different media sites for different departments.  For example, Human Resources may need a secure repository for their files and could set up a distinct media site within the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System that would only be accessible to HR employees.  This can also be true of any department in the company that has its own distinct set of files, such as marketing, sales, administration, vendors, subsidiaries, franchises, and even customers.  All of the media sites would be organized with that department’s unique category structure and branding.  Another time saving benefit is that files can be “aliased” to more than one location.  This means that files only need be loaded into the system once but can appear in multiple media sites.

One Digital Asset Management System with Separate Media Sites for each Client

One of our clients is a large Public Relation firms located in Ohio who uses the Multiple Media Site Feature to its full advantage.  “With our Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System, we have set up media sites for many of our PR clients. These individual systems ensure that each client has proprietary control over their own digital assets and can access them easily and efficiently.  This high level digital asset management presents a new level of professionalism that we can pass on to our clients.”

Call today to discuss our Multiple Media Site Feature – or any of our many user-friendly features and capabilities like metadata tagged to your media files – including captions, file names, descriptions, usage restrictions, free-form keywords and customized keyword lists.  Discover the nearly limitless possibilities that Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System can provide for your company.

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