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Grouping Digital Assets

One of the unique benefits of using the robust Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is the ability to group your specific assets or files together.  This feature provides a very direct and effortless way to locate your digital assets.

By assigning related assets to specific groups, you can efficiently and concisely organize your digital files.  Pinpointing a particular file or series of files can be done with a simple click on a “group” icon. 

In the Honeycomb Archive DAM, a “group” is identified as two or more related digital assets.  For example, if you have a corporate brochure, catalogue or eLearning program, you can place all of the artwork, photos and fonts within the same group.  Another idea would be to group together photos of the same subject matter like a new product or company personnel.  Instead of creating individual thumbnails of each of these assets, you could group these like files into one concise thumbnail that would represent the whole group.

When searching for an individual file, a user would simply click on the group icon and all the assets within that file would open and appear.  At that point, you are given three options:

Locating a specific digital asset has never been easier.  No longer must you browse through numerous pages of thumbnails or search in various locations to find the one asset that you need.  

Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system takes the guess work out of digital asset organization and management.  If you are interested in seeing how our DAM can positively influence the productivity within your organization, we would be pleased to share some of these features with you.

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