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Digital Asset Management System Private Labeled for Advertising Agencies

Offering a private, or "white", labeled digital asset management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to your agency clients sounds expensive.  Having individual client branded digital asset libraries within that private labeled DAM also sounds costly as well as challenging and time consuming.  With the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system, the solution is affordable and can be a billable, value-added service provided by your agency that also helps you retain clients, and win new accounts.  And best of all, this DAM system can be implemented quickly and easily for your agency.

One Agency DAM with Individual Client Libraries

Our web-based digital asset management Corporate system can be white labeled so that your agency’s identity can be applied to the look and feel of the site.  This proprietary view of the DAM system will provide confidence and familiarity for your clients whenever they use this site.

Brandable DAM Interface

Within this agency DAM system, you can set up individual client libraries, called Multiple Media Sites, from which you can organize and manage all of your clients’ digital assets.  Each of these client libraries can have its own unique, brandable site with its own identity.  One of the benefits of the Honeycomb Archive solution is that your clients cannot see, and are not aware of other client media sites, but the agency can administer each of their clients’ assets within one digital asset management system.

A customizable and branded DAM site is attractive to clients and can be an appealing incentive for an agency to offer to their customers.  This level of organization, management and ease of use of the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system provides a way to increase the reliability of the agency to manage the client’s account and their assets.  This DAM solution can be presented as a value-added service that can be resold to clients – often becoming a profit center for the agency.

Fully branded client sites quote

Agency DAM Helps Client Retention

Client satisfaction is the most important goal for advertising agencies, but retaining clients, especially in this economical climate is another valid concern.  The Honeycomb Archive DAM system can help with client retention.  Once a client has committed their marketing digital assets to your agency’s DAM solution in their own branded media site, it provides a binding commitment to your advertising agency.

As the administrator, your agency can professionally and efficiently organize and manage your clients’ digital assets, such as photos, PDFs, ads, presentations and much more.  This will augment trust with your customers as they depend on the agency’s DAM system for all their digital asset marketing needs.  The individual private client login can be exclusively branded with a domain name and media site design, increasing the comfort level between client and agency. 

Digital Asset Management System as a Value-Added, Billable Service

Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management puts your advertising agency at the heart of your clients’ marketing initiatives.  This DAM solution positions your agency as an innovator and secures the long-term relationship your agency has with its clients.  It also provides an additional service to author and manage to enhance your clients/agency relationship.

The Honeycomb Archive Corporate DAM starts at just $499/month.  Media assets can be added as needed and the number of users also can be adjusted as requirements change.  The cost for this customizable DAM system can be spread out over multiple customers in order to keep the per client cost affordable.  Pricing mark-up can be added by the agency as warranted.  It is a win-win for your company and your customers.

Honeycomb Archive is the perfect solution for the management of your client’s digital assets.  Call and speak with one of our digital asset management specialists today to see how this DAM system can be used with your advertising agency.

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