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Digital Asset Management System With New Alias Category Feature Upgrade

New Alias Category Feature Upgrade

Free upgrades are the norm when you have a digital asset management SaaS system from Honeycomb Archive.  Our newest upgrade, called the Alias Category Feature, has recently been launched and is now available to all of our Corporate DAM system customers.  This additional new feature will add some valuable efficiency to digital asset administrators of the Honeycomb Media Sites.

Digital_Asset_Management_System_With_New_Alias_Category_Feature_UpgradeOur Alias Feature allows Corporate DAM customers to select an individual file from a source category and move it manually, essentially create an alias file, into another category and/or media site.  The benefit of the Alias Feature is that the original file only exists once in the DAM system and only utilizes that specific amount of memory but users can have access to the alias file from separate media sites.  This individual file selection can become very time consuming if dozens of files from the source category need to be manually built, or aliased, into another media site using this method.  Maintenance is also laborious because all new files must be individually aliased into the appropriate media site(s) using this same method.

Our new Alias Category Feature allows a great deal more efficiency when you are re-categorizing files and maintaining new digital asset files.  Available in the Administrative section of the Corporate DAM system, the Alias Category Feature allows users to develop a category that automatically inherits any existing and new uploaded files that fit the pre-assigned criteria of that category.  Each night the DAM system automatically updates and syncs any new files to the appropriate categories and/or subcategories.  It is also possible to manually trigger an update from the DAM administrator dashboard if you do no wish to wait for the automatic nightly update.

Let’s look at some specific examples of how this Alias Category Feature can be used to improve digital asset management efficiency.  One of our clients had a main media site that contained all of their photography and logos.  They wanted to restrict certain digital asset users so they would only have access to the logos on the media site.  A second media site, containing only logos, was setup.  With the Alias Category Feature, this second site inherited all of the alias logos from the logo category and didn’t need to be individually aliased.

Digital_Asset_Management_System_With_New_Alias_Category_Feature_Upgrade 2Another client has their main operations set up in the U.S. with additional offices in Europe.  They decided to set up a French media site for their European branches and efficiently used the Alias Category Feature to inherit all of the digital assets.

The new Alias Category Feature provides many flexible benefits and efficiencies in your digital asset management.  Call one of our specialists today to see how your company can better manage all of your digital photography, logos, ad campaigns, and videos.

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