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Digital Assets Management System - DAM Easy Search

Searching for digital assets using the Honeycomb Archive DAM is easy and efficient – even when searching through terabytes of digital assets.  Searches can be as specific or as broad as you need.  With Honeycomb Archive, searching for digital assets is, frankly, DAM easy.

Upload & Tag Digital Assets Easily

When digital images or other files types are uploaded into a DAM system, they can easily be tagged with searchable terms.  All that information can be included in the image file and uploaded into the digital asset management system making this image searchable by this data.  The administrator of the DAM can decide which information to tag to the file and which to exclude.  From a user standpoint, the DAM system can read this IPTC/XMP metadata as well as find it with common overall search keywords.

For example, perhaps a photographer is tasked with shooting a new manufacturer’s keyboard.  Once the photos are taken, the photographer tags the photos with relevant terms such as the product name “ABC Keyboard”.  With these new photos uploaded and tagged with metadata, an approved user from the manufacturing company can login to the digital asset management system and easily locate a file using any keyword that was tagged to the file upon upload. 

When digital images are uploaded, they can be assigned keywords from predetermined lists or enter unique keywords.  This easy-to-use feature minimizes the amount of time it takes to upload any digital asset and maximizes its searchable potential for users of this DAM solution.  This procedure stabilizes the digital asset tagging process company-wide making the searchable feature much more effective.  Consistent keyword definitions eliminate potential stumbling blocks for instance if an administrator tags a digital asset as “man” and another user tags the digital image as “male”.

Searching for a Digital Asset is Easy

Within the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System there are multiple ways to easily browse and search to find digital assets.

  • Digital Asset Quick Search
  • Digital Asset Keyword Search
  • Digital Asset Advanced Search

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Digital Asset Quick Search

If you essentially know which digital assets you need, the search feature will retrieve results quickly and efficiently.  You can do a “quick search” from almost any screen in the DAM system using any word.

Digital Asset Keyword Search

If you need to find digital images with more specific parameters, you can do a Keyword Search.  Every uploaded digital asset is tagged with specific, predetermined keywords and all are linked to similar photos that might also be acceptable to meet the search criteria for the user.

Digital Asset Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature provides more specific digital asset searchability.  You can search for digital assets by date range, keyword(s), pre-defined keywords, categories and digital file types.  Users of our digital asset management system can define unique keyword searches as “any word”, “exact phrase”, and “all words.”  In addition to keywords, captions and descriptions are also searchable.  If there is something illustrative in an image’s caption or description, it doesn’t need to be added again as a unique keyword.  Our DAM system search recognizes the caption and long description as well as the keywords.  The results of your search are even customizable – you can use a detailed view or summery view of your results list.

Searching and finding a digital image when you need it is so easy with Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management.  From image upload to user access, you will find that our DAM system is organized, logical and efficient.  Searching for your digital assets has never been this DAM easy.

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