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Digital Asset Management System - Preparing to Shop for a DAM

If the task of shopping for a digital asset management system seems overwhelming, you are not alone.  Once you have decided to purchase a DAM system and have established a budget, the next step is to decide which digital assets to include and where these digital assets are stored.  Many organizations have their digital assets stashed and filed in many departments and offices within the company. 

When shopping for a digital asset management system most DAM providers will ask some basic information.  This information will help to determine what type of digital asset management system is right for your organization.

Digital Asset Basics

  • Quantity and type of digital assets within your organization
  • Number of users that require access to the digital assets; both internal & external users

DAM Software or DAM SaaS

This information will help your DAM provider determine if software or a web-based DAM is the best solution for your company.  Several DAM systems require the purchase of new hardware and software that can be costly in both time and money.  Digital asset management SaaS is a web-based solution that requires no additional purchases, and no IT department involvement.  It also can grow to augment the needs of your company, again without any additional purchases of software or installations on your internal server.

With a web-based digital asset management system, you should receive professional assistance during the set-up and initial process of uploading your digital assets into the DAM.

Digital Asset Storage Space

The amount of storage space needed for your digital assets will be another consideration when shopping for your DAM system.  Detailing the quantity and types of digital assets to be included in the system will allow your digital asset management provider to give you an accurate estimate of the amount of storage space required.  For example, storing hundreds of low-resolution digital photos requires much less storage space than storing hundreds of videos.  Combinations of various digital assets including PDFs, PPTs, videos or high-resolution photographs will also be evaluated.

Digital Asset Management providers should find the best DAM solution for you quote

User Access for your DAM System

Consider who will have access to the digital assets in your digital asset management system.  These key questions will help to determine the number of users who will need access to your DAM system:

  • Should all internal users have unlimited access or do some employees require more access to DAM system?
  • Who will be uploading digital assets into the system?
  • Will external users require access to these digital assets?

Different digital asset management systems have built-in permission levels with their users.  Some are more flexible about this access than others.  During the evaluation of a DAM solution, it is important to determine if a digital asset management provider can meet this need for your company.

For example, an advertising agency usually functions as the internal DAM system administrator and provides individual, branded media sites to each of their clients who are set up as external users.  A manufacturer with multiple distribution channels might require different requirements than a corporation whose digital asset management system is confined to internal users.

Customer Support and Security with a DAM Solution

Training may or may not be included when purchasing DAM software.  An IT department may be the only customer support available for a new software purchase.  A web-based, DAM SaaS solution places much less burden on IT departments and many include initial training.  Determine if customer support and backup security are included when shopping for a new digital asset management system.  Levels and layers of security backups vary widely from system-to-system and are often determined by the requirements of your company.  This backup security should be a critical part of the conversation when making a DAM purchase.

This basic information will help you shop and compare digital asset management systems.  A good DAM provider will help you step through these initial stages to determine the unique needs of your company.  The right digital asset management system will not only efficiently organize and manage your digital assets but will also accommodate the needs, changes and growth of your company for many years to come.  Call and speak with a digital asset management specialist today and let them help you evaluate the best DAM solution for your company. 

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