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Digital Asset Management System Organizes Digital Assets into Libraries

Are your digital assets "organized chaos"?

Organize digital assets

In just one year, the number of digital image files produced by and for your company can expand dramatically.  Keeping track of these digital assets without the aid of a digital asset management system can quickly become, at best, “organized chaos”.  An elusive digital image could be located on one of several servers, drives, computers, CDs in filing cabinets or archived files.

Once the digital asset is finally located, sending this image becomes another potential problem.  To send it, you must burn a CD and incur overnight delivery expenses, load it onto an FTP site or attempt to email huge files.  All of these methods run the risk of file distortion and improper delivery leaving you vulnerable to time consuming inefficiencies. 

This growing accumulation of new product photography, PowerPoint presentations, and sales and training videos is overwhelming and the necessity to share these files can be a nightmare.  It becomes inevitable that this collection of digital files must be organized into some sort of digital asset library.

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Your Digital Asset Management Solution

Honeycomb Archive provides the perfect web-based digital asset management solution that provides you with a method to logically organize, easily manage and share anything in your digital asset library.

Quickly Find and Share Digital Assets

Honeycomb Archive logically organizes all of your digital assets and media resources even if you have separate brands within your organization. 

Your digital library may include some of these types of digital files:

  • GIF
  • TIF
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Video (TV campaigns, training, manufacturing)
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Audio files (wav, mp3, etc.)
  • PSD files

Our digital asset library makes finding and sharing images very easy since each file is tagged with metadata that you have assigned to each asset.  Digital files that are used frequently, like new product photography or logos, can be located in a “Favorites” tab that can be created uniquely by each system user.  

Organize Digital Assets into Multiple Media Libraries

Honeycomb Archive offers many exclusive features that improve your department’s productivity and organization.  One feature allows you to establish brandable multiple media libraries that can be managed under the umbrella of one Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system administrator.  Accessibility is only available to appropriate users; for instance, different brands or products with access control features assigned by the administrator.  This allows you to logically file all of the digital assets that pertain to a particular brand or client in the appropriate media library.

For ease of organization and management of your digital assets, consider the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system.  Our experienced specialists will help you identify which DAM system is perfect for your company.

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