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Digital Asset Management Offers Free Pilot System


Honeycomb Archive Offers FREE Digital Asset Management Pilot System

Columbus, OH (Honeycomb Archive) September 14, 2010 – Honeycomb Archive has just announced a new way to evaluate their web-based digital asset management system before purchase.  This Free Pilot is being offered with no obligation, cost or risk to potential customers and allowing them to experience this fully working SaaS DAM system.  Set up to meet the unique business objectives of each customer, the Free Pilot utilizes a sampling of the customer’s own familiar marketing files, images and system users.  Potential customers can determine if this DAM system meets their unique requirements and business goals while in this pilot stage.  Not just a cookie cutter trial, this Free Pilot allows users to touch, feel and experience the actual Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system in a setting that is real for their company.

Shopping for a DAM often becomes a comparison of features, benefits and costs that is confusing and impractical.  “Too often someone is tasked to find a corporate digital asset management system based on comparisons that aren’t comparable” says Matt Yerkes, founder of Honeycomb Archive.  “For example, some digital asset management systems claim to offer branding capabilities but the flexibility within that feature differs greatly.  One DAM provider may say that they have a great search feature but it isn’t user-friendly and chances are that the DAM system won’t be used to its potential.  A truer question to ask is not if a DAM system has a particular feature but how that feature meets your business objectives.” 

Experienced specialists from Honeycomb Archive begin with a discussion to discover business goals and how a company needs to use the DAM.  Then, the potential customers’ marketing files are loaded into the pilot so they can experience a fully working SaaS DAM in accordance with their specific company requirements.  This becomes a much truer, real-world method of evaluation.  “This helps customers make a solid decision about our DAM system,” states Yerkes.  “By using this Free Pilot, they can determine if this DAM solution allows them to organize, distribute and manage their digital assets within their own corporate structure.”

Honeycomb Archive provides a powerful online digital asset management SaaS with the ability to customize the service to fit the specific needs of customers.  This DAM solution allows customers to streamline workflow through efficient and effective organization and management of thousands of digital assets and the investments they represent.  Honeycomb Archive supplies customizable, branded digital asset management systems to Fortune 500 & 5000 clients worldwide. 

About Honeycomb Archive/Quick Square Consulting
Founded in 2001, Honeycomb Archive is a web-based digital asset management service provided by Quick Square Consulting, a privately held company based in Columbus, Ohio.  Honeycomb Archive provides customizable, innovative online DAM software application with options for branding, customization and unlimited users and many additional advanced features and controls.  For more information visit:     www.honeycombarchive.com

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