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Digital Asset Management System is Affordable

DAM Affordable

Our digital asset management system can flexibly accommodate all the unique needs of your company and fit your budget.  This is one of the key reasons the Honeycomb Archive’s Digital Asset Management system is set apart from its competition – it’s DAM affordable.

Whether you are exploring the possibility of setting up your company’s first digital asset management system or your company needs to upgrade to a fuller, more powerful DAM system, Honeycomb Archive has the right plan for you.  Our pricing fits nearly every professional price-point and any corporate budget.  To do this, Honeycomb Archive offers two specific web-based, digital asset management systems to match your requirements – the Corporate system and the Workgroup system.  

Digital Asset Management Workgroup System

The Workgroup version of Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system is an affordable place to begin, especially for a small company with just a few users and a limited number of files.  Starting at just $149/month, our Workgroup version best fits companies with less than five users and requires up to 10GB of storage space.  There is no set-up cost with this affordable DAM version and it includes daily data backups and technical support.

Workgroup Digital Asset Management highlightsThe Workgroup system is the perfect DAM solution for one of our clients – a small real estate company.  This company has four agents and needed a DAM to organize and manage the photographs of their listings.  The agents need the capability to upload photos, group images according to each listing, effectively tag photos, and email appropriate digital assets to potential buyers.  Each agent also needed to be able to remove their listing photographs when a property sold. 

Workgroup was the right fit for this client and met all of their business objectives – affordable pricing, five users or less who can upload and manage images.  To this basic Workgroup DAM, this real estate agency can add more users and storage space for a nominal fee as their brokerage grows.  Their needs also matched the Workgroup storage allowance since their digital images and PDFs didn’t exceed the 10GB capacity.

Workgroup can be a great fit for your company, but if your organization is looking for a digital asset management system with higher media capacity, dozens to hundreds of users and the need for more customization including limitless site branding, consider our Honeycomb Archive Corporate DAM system.

Digital Asset Management Corporate System

Honeycomb Archive Corporate Digital Asset Management systems include all the components of the Workgroup DAM system as well as many additional features that add a great deal more versatility and flexibility to fit your organization’s unique requirements.  We will work with your company to discover how to best meet your business objectives and customize the DAM system to do just that.  Currently, Honeycomb Archive is offering an incentive to companies that purchase our Corporate DAM version.  We provide 20 hours free to support the initial data upload into your new Honeycomb Archive system, in essence waiving the cost of uploading the initial large batch of data for a Corporate system.  The features in our Corporate Digital Asset Management systems are practically limitless.  Fully brandable options are also available on all corporate packages for a one-time fee.

Corporate Digital Asset Management highlights

One of our clients is a large product manufacturer who needed a Corporate DAM solution to effectively manage the digital assets of three different company divisions.  Each division needed their own separately branded media site and each required complex customizations.  Combined, these divisions have thousands of digital files and hundreds of users.  They also needed the ability for new users to self-register on the digital asset management system.

Digital Asset Management System that fits our budget quoteTo do this, we set up each division, or brand, with their own unique domain name.  The DAM system administrator has the ability to establish user access restrictions for different images and files.  This company also needed to set-up digital libraries that are partitioned for specific audiences.  Since some files are used by more than one brand, this Corporate version also has the capability to display a digital asset in two different libraries.  Our Honeycomb Corporate system possesses all of the functionality, scalability, and potential for customization that this company needed.

Whether your company is large or small, or your digital asset needs are simple or complex, Honeycomb Archive has the right DAM solution with plans and features to fit your requirements.

Our Corporate Digital Asset Management versions include:

Standard (starting at $499)
• 20 users
• 10 GB storage
• 1 media site
• 1/2 hour technical support/month
• Daily data backup with one week retention

Premium (starting at $999)
• 50 users
• 20 GB of space
• 1 media site
• 2 hours technical / month
• Daily and weekly backup for up to 6 weeks of retention

Enterprise ($2,750)
• Unlimited users
• 100 GB of storage
• Unlimited media sites
• 4 hours technical support/month
• 24/7 emergency on-call coverage
• Daily and weekly backup for up to 6 weeks of retention

Both the Workgroup and Corporate digital asset management systems can grow with your organization and add-ons can be purchased at any time.  For example, blocks of media storage can be purchased incrementally as more room is needed.  Also, the migration from a Workgroup DAM system to a Corporate DAM system is very easy and seamless.

Whether you decide to use our Workgroup or Corporate versions, all Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management systems are completely web-based and there is no software to buy or install.  These intuitive DAM systems make it easy to organize, find and share thousands of digital images.  We provide complete system backup, maintenance and security.  Call one of our experienced specialists today to see how this affordable DAM solution can work with your company.

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