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Digital Asset Management System Improves Productivity

Digital Assets selected easily with Email Cart & Favorites Features

The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System offers many unique and efficient benefits like the Email Cart and Favorites Features.  These intuitive features provide a very easy and natural way to select digital images when browsing for graphics, videos or photos, presentations, PDFs, or nearly any other type of image file.

This Email Cart Feature was added to our digital asset management system because the internet shopping experience has become such a familiar and user-friendly tool that is compatible with both a PC and Mac platform.  From the first time you use your digital asset management system, the Email Cart Feature is a comfortable and uncomplicated experience for anyone in your organization.

Find and Share Digital Assets

The Email Cart Feature of our digital asset management system will help you easily find the digital images you need then share and distribute these digital images.

Eliminate these digital asset frustrations:

  • Burn CDs
  • Email large digital assets
  • Contend, correct and resend corrupted digital assets
  • Upload to FTP sites

Not only can you easily select your desired digital image(s) but the Email Cart Feature also allows for easy and seamless image file transfers.  You will no longer have to burn files to a CD, try to email large files to others with mixed success, or upload digital files to FTP sites – now those digital assets can simply be placed in the Email Cart.  

Digital Asset Management Features – So Simple to Use

From that point, the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System will email the selected digital images to the specified recipient (or multiple recipients).  The recipient then receives a one-time download link for the digital asset(s) that you have selected for them.  Your digital assets are emailed quickly to whoever needs them and that significantly enhances the digital asset management workflow in your organization.  With the Email Cart Feature, you will maximize your productivity by saving you time, frustration and hassle.

Save Specific Digital Assets as “Favorites”

Within the Email Cart Feature of the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System, is the “Favorites” Feature.  This feature allows you to tag digital assets that are accessed frequently by individual users.  For example, if an employee continually needs to send out the same digital assets or groups of digital assets like company logos, or the same PowerPoint presentations, these digital assets can be saved in a Favorites collection, and then sent immediately to its destination with the click of a button.  These favorites can be saved on an individual’s web browser for great flexibility and efficient time management.

Our clients value the addition of both the Email Cart and Favorites Features.  Call today to schedule a demo with one of our digital asset management specialists and see how this investment can improve your organization’s efficiency and accuracy.

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