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Digital Asset Management System Improves Creative Workflow

Digital Asset Management is essential when most businesses are being economically forced to do more with less.  It is easy to understand why an efficient and flexible digital asset tool can help the swift and inspired workflow for companies and their creative teams.  Cutting down on the number of hours spent coordinating people and their schedules for collaborative face-to-face meetings can augment creativity and hasten decision making. 

Share Comments about Digital Assets

Does this Digital Image work for you?

The Comment Feature with the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System provides the ability to collaborate on any digital asset or file while managing the whole process.  Select users in your company can have an ongoing dialogue about a digital image as well as a communications log that tracks the history of these comments as they relate to the specific files.  The Comment Feature with this digital asset management system can follow or track images through progressive collaboration and approval processes.

A good example of this type of digital asset management comes from the custom capability of Honeycomb Archive itself.  One of our clients is an advertising agency that works with large retail chains.  The agency needed a solution to bridge the communication related to newly created digital assets.  A vast number of people, both inside the advertising agency and outside, needed to stay in the communication loop for this series of digital assets.  “With a tight deadline, everyone needed to be aware of the latest changes.  This included the creative and production staff of our ad agency as well as various photographers and the merchandisers at the retailers.  I don’t know how we would have managed without the ability to collaborate utilizing digital asset management system,” noted a Creative Director. 

Comment Feature for digital asset online collaborationIn this case, the digital asset management began with the photographer.  He uploaded new digital images into the DAM system then shared these new digital assets with the production staff in the ad agency for review and editing.  Authorized users can work in partnership on every aspect of a digital image via the Comment Feature that accompanies the digital image.  They can review any comments that colleagues have made about the photographs while also managing the production as it moves the digital assets through the entire creative process.

The merchandiser, in this scenario, approves the final digital images and activates it for all the users.  With this digital asset management system, these users can view and download these digital images for marketing and advertising purposes.  All of this can be done in the natural course of a work day, without coordinating any face-to-face meetings.

You Decide who Views your Digital Assets

Controlled by the administrator, the Comment Feature in this digital asset management system can be ’turned on’ which enables a user(s) to have this capability when necessary.  Only those who need to use this feature have access to it.  This digital asset management feature is particularly helpful because, as demonstrated in the story above, it can improve the creative workflow between special access users like photographers, designers, creative directors and editors.  The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System allows the advertising agency to control which users are included in the workflow and it also controls the functions that each individual has to work with.  The photographer may only be permitted to load photos while the merchandisers are the only ones who are allowed to mark approved digital assets.

Digital Asset Management Enhances the Creative Process

Although the use of the Comment Feature must be authorized, this digital asset tool is very intuitive and requires no special training.  It is much like collaborating through email and replying “to all” yet the user never has to leave the DAM system to use it.  The digital assets travel from person to person and never slow down during the process.  Having these virtual, user-friendly discussions greatly expedites the production process, without compromising creativity.  In fact, using this digital asset management solution enhances it.  Instead of waiting for that 2 p.m. meeting to give input, the collaborators can send out their ideas instantly.

Using a digital asset management system with this Comment Feature ensures that all your creative, marketing and promotional teams are on the same page, efficiently bringing the digital assets and creative work flow together to keep your business on the fast track to success.

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