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The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System is as easy to use as an Amazon.com shopping cart and requires minimal training.  Just load and tag your digital assets in the Honeycomb Archive System and you will discover these images are now easy to find, use and share.  Very easy.

A Digital Asset Management System that needs No Training

When we say no training is needed we mean just that – the Honeycomb Archive DAM solution is extremely intuitive.  Anyone who has purchased a product online can use our web-based digital asset management system.  Even Administrators of the DAM system will need almost no time to get up to speed to manage it.

Digital Asset Management system that's not used is money down the drain photo
A DAM system that isn't used is simply
money down the drain

There are a multitude of serviceable digital asset management systems on the market today and some systems have a very high degree of functionality.  But learning how to use that functionality can be challenging with many other DAM systems that mandate substantial training to learn its full but complex potential.  This is an exceptionally difficult proposition for most organizations because there simply isn’t the manpower to dedicate to the training required just to use a digital asset management system.  If the system is complicated it’s not a good DAM solution for your company because it is not going to be used – and that will be money down the drain.

Using the Honeycomb Archive DAM SaaS is as easy as logging in.  You can quickly search and find the digital assets needed, complete your function and log out.

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Sharing Digital Assets Easily

Administrators of the Honeycomb Archive DAM System can load and tag several digital assets at one time, create various categories, or move files from one category to another with great ease.  Once the digital upload is complete, the user can easily find files through specific or broad keyword searches.  Once found, these digital images can be shared through an "email cart”, that works just like an online shopping cart.  Whether it is one image or multiple images, sharing digital assets is as straightforward as hitting the “send” button.

Working with the right digital asset management system is the key to your company’s efficiency in managing all of your digital assets.  Using the right DAM system should remove the frustration and anxiety out of finding what you need – when you need it.  Learning how to use a new digital asset management system shouldn’t be a lengthy time investment for you or your employees.  With Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System searching for digital content is as natural and intuitive as bees taking nectar back to the hive.

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