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Digital Asset Management - Cash in your DAM Clunker

Is your digital asset management system (DAM) all you wanted it to be?  Was the set-up a snap?  Are you getting the technical support you need?  Is it easy to use and update with new digital assets?  Have all the features been used to their fullest potential?  If the answer to any or all of these questions is “no,” then you have purchased a DAM clunker.

Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System is your SolutionDigital Asset Management - Cash for Clunkers photo

Because migration to a new DAM system seems like a daunting and time-consuming process, we are offering an incentive to companies that purchase our Corporate DAM system.  Our experienced specialists at Honeycomb Archive will help you migrate from your current DAM clunker by providing 20 hours of technical support, at no charge.  This $2,500 value will provide the assistance you need to upload your initial digital assets into a new Honeycomb Archive DAM System.

DAM Clunker Becomes a Liability

It is more than a little disheartening to find that your DAM system doesn’t work the way you imagined it would, especially after investing all the time, money and training it took to get the “clunker” deployed.  Unfortunately, since you have been trying to use it, you have found that it’s cumbersome, very difficult to understand, slow and poorly organizes your digital assets.  In short, it’s a pain and you wish you hadn’t purchased this present digital asset management system.

You won’t feel that frustration with our DAM solution.  The Honeycomb Archive Corporate DAM version is organized in a clear, logical way that requires little if any training to use.  It is a very intuitive digital asset management system and from the moment it is up and running you can take advantage of its great functionality.  But best of all, we do not abandon you to figure out how to use it.  All of Honeycomb Archive’s corporate clients receive a fully guided implementation for their new digital asset management system, including the initial digital asset upload.

Set up your new DAM Solution Quickly and Strategically

Once you decide to become a Honeycomb Archive customer, we can get down to work.  Through the use of teleconferences, our digital asset management specialists will work with you to map out a plan of implementation that fits your company’s unique needs, an important part of the process.  This data strategy phase helps us carefully outline all of your company’s needs and the best functionality for your new DAM solution. 

Digital Asset Management-replacing clunker with Honeycomb Archive DAM system

After creating this customized data strategy plan, you will be ready to transfer digital assets from your clunker to the Honeycomb Archive DAM solution.  To do this, you simply send us your digital files (CDs, encrypted portable hard drives, etc.) and we will do the initial file/data preparation.  Honeycomb Archive will provide an excel spreadsheet listing all your company’s digital assets and the corresponding embedded data.  There will be ample opportunity for your company to enrich this data with keywords and other information, if desired.
Once the digital assets have been assembled into the Honeycomb Archive system, we will work with you to tag these digital assets with the appropriate keywords (metadata) and organize the files.  Once completed, we upload these digital assets into the system and your new DAM solution is ready to use.  It’s that simple to get started and to begin using your new Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System.

It’s great news – you do not have to be stuck with a DAM clunker.  Honeycomb Archive is offering you a financial incentive to ditch the DAM clunker for a state-of-the-art digital asset management system that doesn’t forget its most important feature – finding and using your digital assets whenever and however you need.  We’re offering 20 hours of free start-up support and guidance towards establishing a robust, efficient and easy to use DAM system.  This is one offer you can’t afford to miss.

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Our promise
  • We will setup a fully working sample system to validate your business requirements before you even become a customer.
  • We will develop a comprehensive data strategy with your team (sharing our experience and best practices) until you are satisfied.
  • We will fully provision and configure your system to meet the business requirements of the approved data strategy.
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