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DAM Good Looking! Digital Asset Management System that’s Easily Branded

You know a good website when you see it.  Its appearance piques your interest and keeps your attention while your inquisitive mind and nimble keystrokes work in unison to dig deeper and find out more.
With our easy to navigate digital asset management system, you simply glide from image to image and feature to feature.  Many Fortune 500 companies come to this same conclusion – a site that looks this good and works this well must be the DAM solution for you.

Brandable DAM Interface

You want your brand to stand-out so your clients recognize your company.  You want your employees and customers to have easy and glitch-free access to pertinent digital assets.  You want to make it simple.  You want to make it attractive.  You want it to be the whole package.

With the web-based Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System you get the whole package – and it’s DAM good looking!

Digital Asset Management – Clean, Polished and Simple

With the Honeycomb Archive DAM solution your entire user interface can be branded – using different colors, buttons, navigation treatments, to name just a few.  For a one-time fee we offer a completely customized user interface.  This option is useful when branding is important, such as when the digital asset management system is used by customers and vendors.  In these applications the look and feel of the site must be consistent with other websites maintained by your organization.

Of course your company doesn’t have to have to be customized or branded to be attractive and fluidly functional for your needs.  Our default interface has clean, neutral lines that lend themselves beautifully to all companies.  No matter which interface you choose to use, the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System is easy and intuitive – requiring little to no training for users.

DAM Solution with a Flexible Interface

It’s not just the colors and treatments that are attractive attributes of our digital asset management interface.  It also is very easy to mold and transform as the needs of your company change.  Marketing companies in particular love the agility and flexibility of the Honeycomb Archive interface.  The digital asset management system administrator can update and reload a new homepage graphic whenever necessary.

Our DAM solution also gives administrators the choice of configurable options that are displayed on preview pages, such as caption, description, date modified, and many more.  The ability to enhance the search feature with add-on keyword types and subtypes also provides built in flexibility with this digital asset management system.  Honeycomb Archive employs talented graphic designers and can provide top-of-the-line branding when a company needs a seamless interface that appears to be an extension of a company’s other web applications.

Digital Asset Management System that provides Logical Structure

Honeycomb Archive’s Digital Asset Management System displays files in a hierarchical order.  The digital assets are displayed in a sensible and logical structure with consistent categories and subcategories to make browsing an efficient task.  We meet with clients to determine a data strategy that fits your company’s needs.
Those very organized digital assets are packed with information – embedded data, keywords and metadata is all at your fingertips, including an attractive display of thumbnails that allow you to see exactly what you need and help improve productivity.

Functionality is the key to successful digital asset management, but having a site that fits your needs and resonates with customers is crucial as well.  Whether you need a customized, branded site or our standard interface, you can be assured that Honeycomb Archive will be DAM good looking, both for the front-end user and the digital asset administrator.

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