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Digital Asset Management with Efficient Batch Upload Feature

One of the most laborious tasks for any digital asset management system administrator or user is the upload of digital assets into the DAM system.  Cumbersome, unwieldy digital asset management systems can make this chore 10 times worse with slow-moving software or limited uploading capability.

Digital Asset Management with Efficient Batch Upload Feature

Uploading digital assets is easy and efficient with the Honeycomb Archive DAM solution.  Once the initial data upload is complete, adding multiple images into your DAM system, also called "batch loading" is intuitive.  These new digital assets can efficiently be categorized with keywords and metadata and activated for all appropriate users in just a few minutes.

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Honeycomb Archive DAM System let you select and upload multiple digital assets quickly and efficiently

batch upload screen shots

With the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System, there are two ways to efficiently batch load your digital assets.

  • DAM System Administrator Upload
  • User Upload

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DAM System Administrator Upload

To upload digital assets as a system administrator, you simply zip all digital images together then upload the zip.  The system administrator then “manages” the images contained within that zip file by editing the image records.  The Honeycomb Archive DAM System prompts the administrator through a series of screens to appropriately categorize, add digital image captions, tags and metadata to these digital assets.  Established keywords or new keywords can be added to the file during this process as well, and user access can be determined.  Finally, the administrator is able to place each file in its appropriate category or subcategory.  It is that simple.

DAM System User Upload

A DAM system authorized user can upload numerous digital images at once by simply using their shift/mouse or control/mouse to select images from their desktop or server.  After the images are selected, the system will place the files in a queue and the system will upload them automatically in that order. The user upload feature with the Honeycomb Archive DAM System has the added benefit of a file preview that prompts the user through the uploaded files.  During this preview the user has an opportunity to caption, tag, and categorize digital assets individually, just as with the administrator upload.  The preview screen allows the user to view the digital assets while they are being tagged.

With the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System you have the flexibility to assign any pre-assigned user(s) to upload digital assets and those files can be immediately activated.  No longer does this task fall to just one central person.  With this DAM System, there is even a way to flag any files that need to be reviewed and approved by the system administrator prior to activation.  Batch Uploading has never been easier than with the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System.

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