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Digital Asset Management – More than Digital Image Organization

Beyond Digital Image Management

Here are a few examples of how a DAM system can provide productivity, organization and flexibility company-wide.

Your digital asset management system can be used to store many types of electronic files and these files can be as varied and creative as your company needs.  The Honeycomb Archive DAM can increase company-wide productivity as its usage is expanded into all company departments.  These integrated efficiencies can add many organizational and distribution benefits as this digital asset management system becomes the virtual nucleus of your company.  Because the Honeycomb Archive DAM is web-based, company employees, vendors, sales force, etc. can all have 24/7 worldwide access to thousands or even terabytes of your digital assets.  Your administrator can efficiently grant many different levels of access and sign-ons to those that need to obtain these digital assets.

With unlimited storage space available, the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system can be used to store almost any file that is in a digital format.

DAM - Our whole company revolves around itThis could include any of the following digital assets:

  • Company sales materials
  • Training and manufacturing videos
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Radio & TV spots
  • Public relations photos & releases
  • White papers
  • PPT presentations
  • eLearning modules
  • Human Resources employee head shots
    & event photos

Honeycomb Archive can help streamline your business efforts by organizing, managing and providing access to all of your digital assets.  Following are some examples of how our digital asset management system goes beyond the normal scope of managing graphics and photography.

Digital Asset Management for eLearning

One of our clients uses their Honeycomb Archive DAM system as a repository for their eLearning content.  In addition to storing product images, product spec data and marketing material, this company has developed an organized place within their Honeycomb Archive DAM for their eLearning training materials.  New and existing employees can access eLearning modules for various educational aspects of the business.

DAM - Our whole company revolves around it quote

Digital Asset Management
for Approved Logos

Another company uses the Honeycomb Archive DAM to manage their entire trade promotion activities and can efficiently provide thousands of high quality, approved logos to their users.  The quality of the logo is never compromised and these multiplatform logos can be accessed and distributed 24/7 worldwide.

Digital Asset Management
for Electronic Media

An advertising client loves the ease of organization and distribution for all of their electronic media with our DAM solution.  All the radio and television campaigns including all of the versions and tags are stored, maintained and securely backed up with the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system. 

Digital Asset Management for Product Management

The Honeycomb Archive DAM system is used by another one of our clients as an online catalog to display product availability.  Their approved vendors are able login to order product images, POPs, logos and many other marketing materials.

The web-based Honeycomb Archive DAM solution provides the ultimate flexibility and can meet all of your company’s organizational and management digital asset needs.  This SaaS system is easy to implement, intuitive to use and very affordable.  Call today to set up your Free Pilot System.

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