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Digital Asset Management SaaS Customized to Fit your Agency

A Digital Asset Management System that Grows with your Agency

Choosing a digital asset management solution that can fully integrate with your advertising agency and clients is a good decision.  A DAM system that can be customized and can grow along with your business is a decision that provides you with flexibility and longevity that can solve your digital asset management needs for many years to come.  This is a difficult claim in this booming age of technology but that is exactly what the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system can do. 

The Honeycomb Archive DAM system is designed to service agencies with hundreds or just a handful of clients.  Because our system is a web-based digital asset management solution, we can change and grow along with your ad agency and we have various systems to suit your requirements.  Our DAM SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is not a stagnant purchase; it expands right along with your company, no matter how large your agency may become or how many thousands or terabytes of digital assets you acquire.

Our digital asset management Workgroup system provides the ideal solution for smaller agencies.  We also offer three Corporate systems that suit the requirements of agencies that need more user access, terabytes of media space, branding and customizations.  Changes within each of the packages can be made immediately and do not interrupt workflow.  Perhaps an agency acquires a new retail client with many additional franchise users.  With just a phone call to your Honeycomb Archive specialist, additional user access can be added for a nominal fee.

Digital Asset Management Offers Unique Brandable Media Sites

Honeycomb Archive Corporate system offers the ability to manage multiple brands or clients within one digital asset management system.  Each client can have their own “media site” that is fully brandable to fit the look and feel of their own identity as well as custom features that work best with their own company structure.  This level of customization and flexibility can be invaluable to your clients and to your advertising agency.  With the Honeycomb Archive, the whole digital asset management system can be private labeled so the solution is presented with your agency identity.  Under your DAM solution each of your clients can be set up with their own unique domain name that will take them directly to their branded site.  They are unaware that any other clients exist within the same system.

DAM SaaS Customized For your Agency quote

For example, an advertising agency on the West Coast purchased a Honeycomb Archive DAM SaaS Corporate system.  The agency efficiently manages all of their clients’ digital assets from their site with one administrative dashboard.  Since the system is completely scalable, they can easily add clients and adapt the DAM system as needed.  These scalable features make the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system very affordable since you don’t pay for more than you need.  Most agencies offer their digital asset management solution to their clients as an add-on, billable service that can quickly become profitable.

Many of our agency clients, both advertising and PR, use their private labeled DAM system to attract and retain current clients.  Having a professional way to organization and manage clients’ digital assets can be a very salient feature to offer.  Once a client’s digital assets are integrated into the agency DAM, especially when they are set up with their own unique media site, it becomes a very binding and strong agency client relationship.

Digital Asset Management Upgrades at No Charge

New features are constantly being added to Honeycomb Archive’s web-based DAM system.  There is never a charge for the technological upgrades and these enhancements are delivered seamlessly to our customers.  Many of our upgrades are client-driven and if these customizations can benefit other Honeycomb Archive clients, we add them to our digital asset management system. 

A constantly changing technological landscape demands that your DAM provider be willing to be flexible and capable of substantial growth, while efficiently meeting the day-to-day needs of your agency and your clients.  These characteristics are precisely what you will find when you migrate to Honeycomb Archive’s Digital Asset Management system.  Call one of our specialists to discuss your digital asset management challenges.  Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised with the flexibility our robust DAM solution provides.

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