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Digital Asset Management SaaS Compared to DAM Software

DAM SaaS means Customer Service not Software icon

DAM Solutions with SaaS

Today, operating an advertising agency or public relations firm requires great creative and a delicate balance of exceptional customer service and unfaltering organization.  Your customers need to feel as though they are your only client, yet you must have the capability to serve many accounts while keeping costs affordable.

With Honeycomb Archive, you will find the best DAM solution that provides maximum organization and improves productivity.  Our easy-to-use digital asset management system is web-based, so there is no software or hardware to buy or install with this DAM system.  Also, it can be completely customized to fit the look, feel and function of your agency, so there is seamless interaction with your client as you share digital assets.

DAM SaaS means Service not Software

The Honeycomb Archive DAM system provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which really means you get service instead of software.  As an agency you have all of your client’s digital images and marketing assets at your fingertips in a fully branded DAM system.  Our SaaS DAM solution strategically positions your agency in a close client/agency relationship that can even become a profit center for the agency.

For example, one of our customers is a Midwest advertising agency who uses our digital asset management system as a value-added service for their clients.  The Honeycomb Archive DAM SaaS is branded with the logo and other key elements so it looks like an extension of the agency's own website.  This digital asset management system looks and feels like it is just another service that the agency provides albeit through Honeycomb Archive, and can be presented to clients as a private label.  The DAM then becomes another billable and profitable service provided to the client.

Brandable DAM Becomes Profit Center for Agencies

"Without any capital expenditure our Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management SaaS has quickly become a profitable add-on to our agency service.  As the DAM administrator, we manage and hold all the client's digital assets within our system.  This provides an additional layer of commitment to our client/agency relationship." – Sr. Vice President Advertising Agency

This “Agency” digital asset management system can add another brandable layer by incorporating each client’s unique identity into their DAM media site.  Incorporating a client’s company logo and unique functionality helps a client to feel at ease when they are accessing and sharing digital assets with our DAM solution.  This value-added branding option instantly provides consistency whenever your client accesses their digital assets.

"We have taken our DAM a step further by branding each client's DAM library with their own logos, colors and custom options.  Our clients use the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System with seamless familiarity and great confidence." – Account Executive

DAM SaaS provides many additional benefits to advertising and public relations agencies.

  • 24/7 DAM SaaS accessibility
  • No agency IT support needed with DAM SaaS
  • DAM SaaS grows with your agency

DAM SaaS can become profit center quote

DAM SaaS is Always Accessible

No matter where or when you want to access your Honeycomb Archive DAM, our web-based system is always accessible 24/7.  Your agency and client users can login from anywhere around the globe, anytime, to access their shared digital assets.

DAM SaaS Needs No IT Support

Because Honeycomb Archive is provided as a SaaS DAM, we handle all IT functions.  There is no need for any DAM hardware or software to be purchased or installed on the agency’s internal server.  Everything is backed up daily with retention so there is no worry about loss of data.  Also, our experienced Honeycomb Archive customer service technicians are available to resolve any issues or concerns that may occasionally arise while you are working with the digital asset management system.  And we will help both you and your clients utilize the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system to its fullest potential.

DAM SaaS Grows with your Agency

DAM SaaS software has unlimited growth capabilities as the needs of your agency and the demands of your clients change and increase.  Additional client media sites and media space can be added at any time – even up to terabytes of digital assets.  In addition, with the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system you never need to purchase upgrades as this is updated regularly at no additional cost to your agency.

The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management SaaS provides you and your clients with a very reliable, robust and cost-effective DAM solution.  There is no capital expenditure required since our DAM SaaS is web-based and this also alleviates agency IT responsibilities.  Call to speak with one of our digital asset management specialists today to see how the Honeycomb Archive DAM SaaS can increase the commitment in your client/agency relationship.

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