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Why Choose Digital Asset Management SaaS?

3 Reasons to Choose Digital Asset Management SaaS NoFTP or IT needed with DAM system

Your IT team is busy solving technical issues all day long.  Do they have the time to solve unique problems that arise when trying to manage digital assets without an adequate digital asset management system?  What happens when you can’t properly access or email large digital files or when the system crashes?  Most standard, off-the-shelf digital asset management programs require IT support.  Honeycomb Archive provides a different solution to digital asset management that requires no IT support.  Our system offers a hosted digital asset management platform so that IT support is not intrinsically required for managing digital images.

  • SaaS requires no internal IT support
  • Sharing digital assets is easy & efficient
  • Digital asset management SaaS can be implemented now

SaaS Requires No Internal IT Support

Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) is a hosted digital asset management solution that does not require IT support but still meets overall technical requirements like daily backups and technical support specific to your digital asset management challenges.  SAAS is an affordable and attractive option for companies that need digital asset management and want to bypass the purchase of hardware, installation of software and the IT resources traditionally needed for product implementation and updates.

An internal digital asset management system often has significant limitations and restrictions imposed by IT departments.  Generally, IT network security is set up for company-wide management and may or may not be adequate for a digital asset management system.  Also, an internal DAM is only accessible by employees on a local network and often it is necessary to send digital assets outside the system network.  Honeycomb Archive is a hosted digital asset management SaaS that can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world via the web.  It is backed up nightly and is regularly upgraded as part of the service.

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Sharing Digital Assets is Easy & Efficient

With Honeycomb Archive, sharing digital assets with co-workers down the hall or clients around the world is as easy as clicking the “send” button.  With this hosted digital asset management system, there is no need to burn and ship CDs, upload files to FTP, or send unwieldy emails to your co-workers, clients, or customers.

This hosted digital asset management solution is very flexible and can be customized to your company’s particular needs.  Built to transform seamlessly, this SaaS can change and grow with your organization, even into terabytes of digital assets, and never miss a beat with you or your audience.

Digital Asset Management SaaS can be Implemented NOW

Digital asset management SaaS takes out the “middle man” and gets you what you need almost instantly.  Our experienced Honeycomb Archive specialists can quickly deploy our hosted DAM system and guide you through the initial set-up of organizing and tagging your company’s metadata according to the company’s brand or structure.  Best of all, this expert support is available to you every business day which allows your own IT department to provide their services to the rest of the company.

Recently a large consumer products company needed a public relations DAM site to supply digital images to the media who were covering the Olympic Games in Vancouver.  Within two weeks, a Honeycomb Archive hosted digital asset management system was launched as a fully branded media site with approximately 1,000 key product graphics.  All of these digital assets were organized in a logical hierarchical structure and tagged with pertinent metadata.  We did it within their timeframe, and more importantly, we exceeded the expectations of this client.

At Honeycomb Archive we understand the need to move quickly and construct a digital asset management SaaS that is fully operational.  Within a week, we can have 1,000 of your digital assets ready to launch.  Give us an extra week if you have 10,000 digital files or you need a DAM solution that is branded to match your corporate site.  We will put our digital asset management team on it and get your system built and launched right.  Call Honeycomb Archive to discuss a DAM solution that is right for your company.

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