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Digital Asset Management - Free PILOT System

Collecting and Organizing Your Digital Assets Has Never Been Easier

The Honeycomb Archive Pilot System is an exceptional tool to use to evaluate how our digital asset management system can work for your company.  Our specialists will listen to your business goals and then incorporate these requirements into a fully functional pilot system using your marketing images and files.  This pilot will clearly let you see how our DAM system will work with your company’s marketing digital assets and users.

Gathering and organizing digital assets is often a daunting task for most companies – so daunting that this task is delayed indefinitely.  Eventually, this becomes a corporate nightmare as the number of digital files grows exponentially and employees store these digital assets per their own preferential filing methods.

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Honeycomb Archive’s Pilot System let’s you put an organizational system in place to help you build a companywide digital asset library – with digital assets stored in one location all within a logical structure so that anyone can find what they need, when they need it.  Our DAM specialists provide the expertise and support needed to build an affordable digital asset library that is very easy to use.

This expert digital asset support from Honeycomb Archive, called the "Discovery Phase", guides companies through the entire process.  For example, we will help determine the best way to include different types of digital assets and how to set up access control according to your specific company requirements.  Understanding your business is a critical step for implementing a digital asset structure that will work both efficiently and effectively for your company.  Our goal is to help your company, step-by-step, develop a logical structure that meets your company’s needs.

Creating Your DAM Pilot System

  • You will receive a simple one page agreement that explains what to expect.
  • One of our digital asset specialists will meet with you to identify your business goals and any specific requirements unique to your organization.
  • We will collaborate and configure a fully working pilot with a sampling of your marketing files to illustrate how our DAM system will work in a real world application.
  • The pilot system will be live so your internal teams can review and validate that our DAM does everything you need it to do.

It’s that easy!

Honeycomb Archive’s Pilot System is designed to provide your company with an efficient way to evaluate how our DAM system will work with your unique file and user access requirements.  This fully functional pilot system is offered with no cost, obligations or risks to your company.  Once this pilot system is assembled, you are ready to experience the exceptional organization and ease in browsing, finding and distributing these marketing files.

We hope that you see the value in the outstanding service, support and benefits of our Honeycomb Archive Pilot, and will chose to proceed into a fully deployed Corporate version of our digital asset management system.  Our Corporate DAM solution will provide additional expanded digital asset management features and benefits.  The upgrade is seamless and efficient.

To get started, simply fill in your contact information on the FREE Pilot System form found on the right side of any of our site pages or contact a Honeycomb Archive specialist by phone. Let’s discuss how our digital asset management system can best meet your business objectives.

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Our promise
  • We will setup a fully working sample system to validate your business requirements before you even become a customer.
  • We will develop a comprehensive data strategy with your team (sharing our experience and best practices) until you are satisfied.
  • We will fully provision and configure your system to meet the business requirements of the approved data strategy.
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