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Digital Asset Management Benefits Advertising Agencies

A digital asset management system (DAM) from Honeycomb Archive helps advertising agencies manage the digital image library of multiple clients.  With this web-based DAM solution, advertising agencies have the unique ability to individually “private label” or brand clients’ account while managing the graphics, digital images and administrative services.

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Digital Image Library Maintains Separate Media Sites
for each Client

Advertising agencies can seamlessly provide digital image management for a variety of clients by giving each its own media site, an exclusive Honeycomb Archive feature.  From one user-friendly administrative dashboard, agencies can employ an unlimited number of media sites within one Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System.  This ensures that each client account has proprietary control over their own digital image library, with no cross over to the firm’s other clients whatsoever.  And because Honeycomb Archive is built to be flexible, each media site can be custom configured for different digital asset management requirements.

Powerful Keyword Search Feature for each Digital Image Library

Honeycomb Archive’s keyword search feature is similar to the digital image search feature on most stock photography websites and can be applied to the advertising agency’s entire administrative digital asset catalogue.  All aspects of your digital assets can be incorporated in the keyword search feature.  When you are searching for a certain photograph, PDF, PowerPoint presentation, etc., with a specific theme or characteristic, the resulting search will return all of those files that have been tagged with important metadata pertaining to that digital image search.  This attribute of Honeycomb Archive significantly cuts down on the time needed to find the exact digital images desired.  Keyword types and subtypes can be tailored to your agency’s needs and can evolve and grow as the digital asset management requirements within your agency change.

Share Comments about Digital Images

Honeycomb Archive also can include a Comments feature to allow discussion and planning about graphics with a digital image library.  For example, when you are brainstorming with a client, ideas and remarks can be exchanged in an easy, real-time fashion.

Batch Loading Digital Assets is Easy

The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System makes it easy to batch load files and share these digital images with clients.  Through a very simple batch load process, dozens of digital images can be uploaded and managed efficiently.  Advertising agencies also retain the management ability for client requests that must be approved or rights-managed.

With the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System, maintaining and managing the digital image libraries for multiple clients has never been easier for advertising agencies.  And best of all, the personal front-line contact with your clients has never looked so professional and organized. Call today to set up a free demo with a Honeycomb Archive specialist. 

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