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Marketing Asset Management

What are the Benefit to Marketing Departments who have Marketing Asset Management Software?

Marketing departments across the U.S. and around the world have found their web-based Honeycomb Archive Marketing Asset Management System essential to their flow of even very large files/marketing assets that can change hands multiple times in the same week.

The vast majority of marketing departments that contact us about a marketing asset management solution have their marketing assets saved and scattered in many different formats – on multiple servers, various CDs and individual computers as digital files.  The task of finding and migrating to a centralized marketing asset management system seems daunting. But have no fear, we are with you ever step of the way from conceptualization, to building a sample marketing asset management system that you can show your internal team (and have them try before you buy) to full loading of your digital assets.

Choose the Best Image Asset Management Solution for your Marketing Department Digital Asset Management enhances marketing department efficiency

What you will find with Honeycomb Archive are the image asset management tools necessary to organize, administer and share digital content.  A Honeycomb Archive specialist will review your current image asset management structure and help determine the best DAM solution for your marketing department.  For most marketing departments, the Honeycomb Archive web-based, hosted digital asset management is a much better solution than an in-house departmental server solution.  Our image asset management system is especially helpful when managing and sharing digital images with multiple offices and remote users – such as advertising agencies, marketing departments, business partners, and the media.

An Image Management System with User-Friendly Features

The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System works with both Windows and Macs platforms.  Our specialist will assist with the initial mass import of your digital assets data and metadata, wherever and however it is currently stored.  This can cut down the implementation time substantially so you can quickly begin using your new image asset management system.

The keyword search feature with the Honeycomb Archive system is similar to the search feature available on most stock photography websites.  This search feature can be applied to your company’s entire digital asset catalogue so that all of the digital assets will be incorporated into one image management system.  Each digital image is tagged with metadata so that any digital asset like a photograph, PDF, or PowerPoint presentation can be easily found when searching by a specific theme or characteristic.  The search feature with our image asset management system significantly improves the efficiency of locating and sharing exactly what you need.

Keyword types and subtypes can be tailored to the marketing department’s and company’s needs.  This image asset management system can evolve as the digital asset management requirements of your company change.  Honeycomb Archive provides marketing departments with a highly-organized and easily updated repository of images and other digital media.  By providing this self-service application, marketing departments can focus on more productive work.  Call today to set up a free demo with our Honeycomb Archive specialist.

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Our promise
  • We will setup a fully working sample system to validate your business requirements before you even become a customer.
  • We will develop a comprehensive data strategy with your team (sharing our experience and best practices) until you are satisfied.
  • We will fully provision and configure your system to meet the business requirements of the approved data strategy.
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