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Digital Asset Management with Customizable Keyword Search Feature

With Honeycomb Archive, you can search and find digital assets – exactly what you need and when you need it, in one easy-to-use, customizable keyword search.  This user-friendly DAM system was developed to seamlessly work within your company structure and implementation is very easy.

Manage your Digital Assets

First, our Honeycomb Archive specialist will help you customize various options to flexibly manage your digital assets.  Our Customization Feature is not just a standardized tool found in other digital asset management systems.  With Honeycomb Archive the keyword and keyword subtype searches are tailored to work with your company and can be branded to fit the look and feel of your company.  Together, we can set up a custom digital assets organization by determining what topics, characteristics or images you generally look for when doing a search for your digital assets.

Customize the DAM Search Feature to fit your Company

The Honeycomb Archive Keyword Search Feature has the ability to render unique digital asset solutions to match your employees’ needs.  Similar to the search feature on stock photography websites, the Honeycomb Archive Search Feature can be applied to your company’s entire digital asset catalogue and all aspects of your digital assets will be incorporated in this search-friendly feature.

Digital Asset Customizable Search and Result

The Customized Search Feature for digital assets is practically limitless and its flexible functionality is a bonus for large and small companies alike.  It can be customized for multiple media sites within a parent company with the multiple media sites, an exclusive feature of the system.

Find the Exact Digital Asset you need

With the Honeycomb Archive DAM System, the Category Search will locate digital files only pertaining to what you were searching.  For example, if you searched for “PDF files”, our digital asset management system will only show you PDF files and will not be crowded with photographic images, videos, etc that you do not need. 

Administrators can also customize users of the digital asset keyword search through an internal interface.  For example, some companies may need to customize the search to fit the needs of each division.  Our digital asset management system can be set up so that the marketing department has access to company logos, but the human resources department does not have that access.

With Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management your customizable searches can be evolutionary, and can change and grow with the needs of your small business or Fortune 500 Company.  Call today to set up a free demo with our Honeycomb Archive specialist.  See how our digital asset management system can be customized to fit your company needs.

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