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Digital Asset Management Favorites Feature Improves Efficiency

The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System has a user-friendly feature that makes creating and saving preferred digital assets easy and efficient.  With this flexible feature called the "Favorites Collection", there are many ways to keep your digital image library organized so that these frequently needed images are literally always at your fingertips.

Digital Asset Management System with Personal “Favorites” Collections

Whether 2 or 2,000 users, the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System allows each user to set up personal Favorites collections based upon their individual login.  Not only can each user set up as many Favorites collections as needed, but these digital assets can be appropriately named by each user. 

For example, one frequently used digital asset, such as a company logo, may be in one user’s Favorites named “My Logos” and the same digital asset may be in another user’s Favorites collection titled “Company Logos”.  This digital asset management feature is completely individualized to fit the needs and preferences of each user.

Saving Favorites with our Digital Asset Management System

There are many ways to save a specific digital asset into Favorites collections.  While browsing a digital library, you can locate a specific digital asset thumbnail and select it to put that image into an existing Favorites group.  From the detail view for a particular digital asset, a user can also create a new Favorites collection and store what could be a frequently used image into that new group. 

Digital Asset Management:  Favorites Feature – Single File

Digital Asset Management: Favorites Feature - Single File

Digital Asset Management:  Favorites Feature – Group in Cart

Digital Asset Management: Favorites Feature - Group in Cart

Adding selected digital assets to "email cart" is another efficient way to build a new Favorites collection.  After bundling these images into the cart, one click will save the entire cart of images into one Favorites group, uniquely-named by the user.  Also, a single digital image can be stored in multiple collections that serve a variety of needs.

Organizing Digital Asset Favorites

Users can delete any digital asset from one Favorites collection and have it remain in other collections if desired if the image hasn’t been permanently deleted from the overall system by a System Administrator.  Once a digital asset is permanently deleted, it will also disappear from all users’ Favorites’ collections.  For example, if a company creates a new logo, most often the old logo becomes obsolete.  To prevent the use of the old, unapproved logo, the old logo could be deleted from the digital asset management system so the new, approved logo is always used.

Creating various Favorites collections of preferred digital assets is an efficient way to organize, find and share images.  If the Sales Department asks for the company logo(s) every week, this request is very easy to fill using a Favorites collection.  The versatile feature provides incredible flexibility by anticipating your future needs and facilitating the ease of creating collections.  Retrieving frequently used digital assets has never been easier.  Call one of our Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management specialists to discuss and demonstrate how this system could be of use to your company.

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