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Digital Asset Management Media Sites

Honeycomb Archive is one of the most powerful online digital asset management systems on the market today with the ability to create different libraries within the same system.  These separate libraries, called Media Sites, are part of the overall DAM system but can be partitioned off for separate digital assets and different user groups.  This is especially helpful if your company has digital assets for separate brands, clients or even product lines.  Finding, sharing and publishing the digital asset you need has never been more efficient.

Your digital asset management system administrator controls all of the separate Media Sites from one intuitive dashboard and will establish the access control guidelines regarding who can view and use these digital assets.  Categories of digital assets, and even Media Sites, will not be visible to anyone but their designated user.  

For example, let’s assume that your company distributes fashion under four different brands to four distinctly different target audiences.  Each brand would have its own separate apparel items, photo shoots and separate in-store point-of-purchase displays.  Within the Honeycomb Archive DAM, your system administrator could establish separate Media Sites for each of these four brands which would include their own specific hierarchal category structures within these multiple libraries.  It would be unnecessary for one brand to have access to the digital assets of another brand.  It also alleviates the added cost of setting up separate DAM systems for each brand.

From the Admin dashboard, you could easily organize and manage the digital assets within all of your company’s Media Sites.  The Honeycomb Archive DAM can efficiently house an unlimited number of Media Sites and each site can have its own unique private labeled or fully branded user interface.  Each Media Site can also be customizable and configurable to provide the flexibility needed for each user groups’ specific requirements.  We have found that this type of agility has great benefits from large Fortune 500 companies with international branches to advertising agencies and small photographers.

Best of all, our digital asset management specialist are experts at helping you determine the best way to set up the hierarchal structure for your Media Sites and the categories within each. We call this stage Data Strategy and that’s all part of the corporate package when you sign up for a month-to-month plan with Honeycomb Archive.

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