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DAM Solution for Product Manufacturers

The Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can help bring organization and ease of use to product manufacturers who scramble to share marketing images and information with their distributors, retailers and sales representatives.

How does your Company Distribute Digital Assets?

For many companies, sharing and distributing marketing resources is a burdensome task.  Usually these digital images are shared by email, CDs, or an FTP or a website that contain downloadable links of their graphics.  Handling digital assets in this method is cumbersome, drastically time consuming and takes away from product work flow.  When digital assets are not properly managed or organized, they become very difficult to locate and update.  Keeping digital images, graphics, presentations, files, and product photographs organized and accessible is a huge challenge for most organizations.

Honeycomb Archive provides the ideal digital asset management system for product manufacturers.  This DAM solution is a powerful web-based, cross platform compatible (Mac or PC) system that can manage your digital assets without the installation of hardware or software.  With daily backups and automatic updates, this flexible digital asset management system provides all the tools necessary to easily organize and share all of your marketing resources in any format needed.  Also, a Honeycomb Archive specialist is available to help with technical advice during regular business hours.

DAM Solution that keeps all of your Company’s Digital Assets:

  • Logically Organized
  • Robust Search
  • Easily Updated
  • Full Technical Support

Brandable DAM InterfaceMany of the features of the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System are beneficial for product manufacturers.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Specific digital assets can be shared with appropriate customers through differing levels of access control managed by your digital asset management administrator
  • Multiple Media Sites can be fully branded to match each customers’ corporate image; an exclusive feature with Honeycomb Archive
  • New product digital assets and product changes are immediately available because they are managed directly within a web browser

Tag your Digital Assets with Uniform Attributes

Honeycomb Archive is one of the few web-based digital asset management systems that support tables of product data, an important competitive attribute for product manufacturers.  A single image may represent many different product options for the various sizes or colors of that merchandise.  Honeycomb Archive displays a table of these product attributes (i.e.: product number, UPC, size, weight, color) and those attributes are automatically downloaded with the image as an accompanying Excel spreadsheet.

Part of the service you can expect from Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System is that our experienced specialists will assist with your initial mass import of data and metadata – no matter how or where your digital assets are currently being stored.  This experience will enable you to quickly begin using your new image management system.

Call today to set up a free demo with our Honeycomb Archive specialist and see if this is the perfect DAM solution for your company. 

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Our promise
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