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Aggregation of Digital Assets - First things First

With so many companies around the world trying to set up digital asset management software solutions that are web-based and fully accessible to those that need access, Honeycomb Archive is here to help because the challenge is more daunting than you might imagine.  

If you’ve been tasked with this endeavor, you will probably find that the issue is more complex than those who have given you the assignment realize – to be sure – so you’re going to need a very good path.  The right sequence to move through this epic project properly is critical if you are going to deploy such a system for your company. Regardless of how many divisions, teams, or locations around the world you are trying to integrate, the right approach to this mission is key.

The first step is to identify the potential locations of assets around the country and around the world and the key parties who have direct access to those files. Stay true to this first step until you have completely ferreted out all digital assets that need to be aggregated.  This is a mini project in and of itself as you will need to find out who has been hoarding company assets and convince them that it is much better for the organization in the long-term if those files are not sitting on their laptop alone or possibly on portable hard drives thumb drives, or in other diverse locations.  Digital hoarders are not hoarders because they’re trying to be territorial – they genuinely have concerns about not being able to access those files if they do not have them under their own thumb.  They likely have a number of very real concerns, because local network connections fail, VPNs failed to connect from remote locations, connection speeds are inadequate to move large working files, and the list goes on and on.

Stay the course and collect all the files before you begin a data strategy discussion with the team. If you start and stop with assets coming in (where you feel the urge to start categorizing in classifying assets) you risk being in a never-ending loop. Focus is important in this process.  

The best analogy we can relate to this loading of digital assets into a DAM has to do with arduous task of doing the laundry. 

Just picture a few hours you have available to start catching up on all of your laundry. First you have to aggregate all of the laundry and create initial sorting of that laundry to establish how you will put in loads. If other people are constantly bringing more laundry - you could be shooting yourself in the foot to start the whites with only the initial grouping of whites. If you wait for all of the laundry to arrive before you create your individual loads you will face the least amount of work and waste the smallest amount of resources such as water, energy, and detergent.

When all your peers have been given the ability to move files towards a honeycomb archive aggregation point and they have done so, then it’s time for the data strategy, which is essentially the sorting phase.  In this article we are only going to discuss the aggregation phase as it is typically the phase that is not completed – it is pushed through too early and creates the seeds of collapse for any strategy devised, no matter how brilliant the plan.  The reason why premature planning of such data strategies fall apart is because not all of the realities (file types, use cases, etc.) of the system have been observed or considered. Companies that are able to slow their internal pressures down enough to consider all of their actual usage scenarios are going to be able to create the most sustainable data strategy that will stand the test of time and be most useful to their user base. Our review of these use cases will allow us to best configure the software for your business requirements.

Honeycomb Archive is a web-based digital asset management software that has been providing Software-as-a-Service (DAM SaaS) solutions for national and multi-national companies since 2001. 

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