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4 Interlacing Features Provide DAM Access Control

An important feature for any digital asset management system is the ability to control access to files so that users only are able to access what is appropriate and intended for them.  Hiding digital assets from users that should not view or even know certain files exist is achieved thru several features in Honeycomb Archive that interlace to fit your exact needs.

Digital File Access Control within DAM
  • Media Websites
    At first glance, most companies consider that they need a single library for their digital assets.  But as companies become more complex and have many brands and business units as well as terabytes of digital assets, it often becomes helpful to have completely separate media sites for the digital assets that serve these very distinct audiences.  For example, an international company may have European and Asian business units that need assets presented in their respective languages.  Distinct brands may need their product images presented to their audiences, separate from each other.

    While most digital asset management systems provide for a single library, Honeycomb Archive uniquely provides the flexibility to efficiently create unlimited media websites within the same system for only a small incremental fee with each additional media website.  Digital assets and users can be completely segmented or partitioned from each other in these media websites although some users may have permissions that span multiple sites.  An administrative user maintains full control of the entire Honeycomb Archive system for all media sites through a master admin control area.  During the data strategy stage of our system setup process, we assist companies in considering this option.

  • File & Category Access
    Within a media website, individual digital assets and entire categories may have permissions assigned to them to further control access.  By default, files and categories are “open” to view and download by all users that have access to the media website.  These settings, however, can be changed so that specific files or categories can be completely “private” or hidden and inaccessible to users.  When files or categories are private, they are not even displayed in the system.  Lastly, there is a “restricted” file status.  These restricted files are viewable but users with lower level access to the system are required to request the file and have approval granted before they can download it.  There is a complete and easy-to-use approval engine in the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management system that tracks these requests and notifies both the approver and requester.

  • Security Groups
    Security groups are similar to category access controls since entire categories in the DAM system can be hidden from users.  This feature is more flexible, however, as it allows greater combinations.  Security groups can be thought of as different audiences of users (sales, marketing, vendor, dealer, ad agencies, etc).  Users can be granted access permission to these security groups so a user could be allowed to be part of one security group or many security groups.  These security groups are then assigned to categories in the digital asset management system and those are the segments of the media site that a user may access.

  • User Permissions
    The final interlacing feature that provides access control in the Honeycomb Archive DAM system are individual user permission settings.  In addition to the aforementioned features, there are a variety of controls that are managed at the user level.  These permissions may reflect the Admin rights to upload, edit or delete files if they have user access to features like the Comment & Collaboration tool.  Additionally, it may affect what happens to new digital assets that they load.  Files from a specific user can be designated to become live and active in the system or may be pending for administrative review and approval before becoming active.

All of our new clients receive a series of data strategy discussions with our Honeycomb Archive specialists in which we explore your business requirements.  It is during these discussions that we identify how these 4 interlacing features can be best implemented to meet your needs.  It is our goal to help you get the most use from the capabilities of our DAM.  Honeycomb Archive is a fully supported and hosted solution so as your business needs change, we are available to consult at no added charge should you need help implementing these access controls in the future. 

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